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pietschu 9th May 2004 08:00 PM

3 Way HT Front Speakers Using Tang Band W3-871S
I am in the process of developing a design for my soon to be home theatre for the room shown below. I have been reading a few years worth of posts and have a few questions for the experts here.

Since this space is not yet developed, I can create anything that is approved by my wife (happy wife, happy life). Actually the only restriction is that the speakers have to be wall or ceiling mounted. Luckily I have a rather large space that can be used to house the front speaker enclosures and do not have to worry about baffle effects.

So far I've been playing with Unibox and have a preliminary driver selection in mind.

1 LPG 26T
4 Tang Band W3-871S
1 Peerless CX257H (850146)

based on the following goals :
SPL = 106 dB
30 to 20,000 Hz freq response
x-over points as low and high as possible (275 Hz and 3750 Hz for the drivers above)
good off-axis response
minimal lobing / comb effects
driver costs under US$350
sealed enclosures

I will be using a Outlaw 950 preamp/surround processor with active x-overs and bi or tri amping.

My questions to the wise and experienced here are :

1) Are the goals realistic?
2) Are there any issues with my choises?
3) Are there any drivers that would be better given my goals?

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