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george a 22nd April 2004 01:52 AM

Clonus faber
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Hi All

Thought some of you might like a look at my attempt at Cloning Sonus fabers.
I have tried a different approach to curved side issue.
Internal box is trapezoidal in cross section with some spacers over with 3mm MDF is curved.
Over this 3 laminated layers of 3mm MDF will be added.
Voids formed by spacers between curved sides and flat sides of box will be filled with sand.
Finish at this time will most likely be metallic auto paint.

drivers ss8530 + vifa xt25 ring tweet

crossover to be determined but active on the horizon after aleph 5 + P1.7 completed.

Photos follow

Tazzy 22nd April 2004 10:58 AM

Nice work!

ermes 22nd April 2004 04:40 PM

yea really nice !!
tell us more......crossover .........

ShinOBIWAN 22nd April 2004 04:45 PM

Looking good!

I recently completed work on a similar enclosure:

How did you find the sides? Difficult?

I tried a variety methods to fix them in place, first off I used wratchet tie downs to try and hold but this gave a less tha perfect result. In the end I used as few screws as possible to acheive the desired results. Not ideal but effective never the less.

george a 23rd April 2004 12:01 AM

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Hi Shinobiwan

First I tried cutting the mdf into 50mm wide strips and bending them one by one, this was easy but the resultant surface not as good as it could be.
Next i tried a single sheet of 3mm MDf clamped and screwed and nail- this while difficult gave a better result.
I am now trying laminating 3 pieces of MDF in a curved shape for application to the curved carcase - i suspect this may well be the way to go.
you can see the "jig" for the laminating in the background of the following photo

crossover- i am currently playing around with some series crossovers asa well as one based on the Elektor A4 monitor design. (Drivers are currently in another temporary cabinet of same proportions and same internal volume)

I shall also be trying a variation on the "ultimo" design (By Audio Components) which uses the Scanspeak ring tweeter (similar to vifa version-seems to also have same impedence curve) and uses the larger Revelator Bass unit - with same motor I think)

any suggestions welcome..I have no testing gear other than what attached to side of my head and a multimeter

5th element 23rd April 2004 05:45 PM

Hmmm I would say that you dont need to make the outside "curved" layer that thick. If the internal box is sturdy and your going to fill the cavity with sand, the outside walls only really need to be strong enough to support the sand. The idea I presume being that the sand absorbs the vibrations from the internal enclosure and prevents transmission of these vibrations to the outside air.

Eitherway it might save you some effort of adding a few more layers if its not required.

If someone wants to correct me on this then feel free to do so.

Mark Hedges 23rd April 2004 06:44 PM


Originally posted by 5th element
Hmmm I would say that you dont need to make the outside "curved" layer that thick.

I was thinking the same thing. What about using masonite or some other flexible material for the outer walls?

george a 23rd April 2004 10:31 PM

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I agree, that outer skin does not need to be very thick, but will be so for aesthetic reasons.
These will not be exact clones -rather they are inspired by the sonus form.
Reason for thick sides will become evident in later photos.
form now a photos with sides attached.

thylantyr 24th April 2004 02:49 AM


george a 24th April 2004 11:52 AM

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I can't see any problem with masonite as long as it isn't too hard to bend- and if it hold together in the process.

Whatever works i suppose and also depends on look you're trying to achieve.

The sand filling will hopefully help control/minmize cabinet vibration anyway......I'm no expert - just trying what works for me.

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