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jmiyake 21st April 2002 07:41 PM

So what's your current (or upcoming project)
I'd like to know what you DIY's are working on, or are planning to work on.

Brett 21st April 2002 09:57 PM

Current project
Four way full horn system, using,
Khorns for bass (with some eq to flatten response to 30Hz)
Rectangular tractrix midbass 100-500Hz with EVM12L
Round tractrix 500Hz-22kHz with JBL, BMS or Beyma/Fane combos.

My 5W PP amp will run the system above 100Hz (106dB sensitivity!) with a SS amp below. All crossovers will be 6dB, except perhaps the bass HPF. And it will be time aligned above 100Hz.


sriegel 21st April 2002 10:21 PM

i'm putting together a 3-way based on the Geers eVe II box style. with hiquphon, p13w, and ss 8555 drivers. i have them on an AR 3-way series crossover, and would like to use it, but am looking at the crossover from Murphy production's OkaraII project and add a woofer crossover. i'd like to keep it an 8 ohm load, so i may stick with the AR.
should start the cab's in ~1month, it'll be a long road as these cabs are quite involved.


Bose(o) 21st April 2002 10:27 PM

Full-range speaka'
I'm building a single full-range driver system using Radioshack (Fostex) 4" drivers. I'll be using a right-angle triangle cabinet and will have an exit on the bottom. I can't wait to hear it, it's looking good with only three coats of gloss-black paint. I really, really want a piano finsih on it.:D

Havoc 21st April 2002 10:38 PM

Also 4-way horns.
Bass: exponential front loaded, 4x12" drivers TBD volume +/- 1m
Bass-mid: exponential front loaded TBD
Mid: Visaton M300, driver Visaton DR45N
High: Visaton TL16
Xover: 24dB
Amps: 14x JLH (or Blameless depending on budget)

Design of the bass horn is ready, but not yet the details of how to make it and get it up the stairs and through the doors. Already some drivers studied, but have to find a nearby supplier. The bass-mid is a bit a problem, thinking about an 130mm Al cone driver. Maybe that one will follow when the bass is ready so I can see where to couple. With some luck can be ready to fire up this year. Then the digital filters can be tackeled. You got to have a project next year. Only problem is what when you want a 5.1 system? 5 of those??????

Stefan B 22nd April 2002 06:48 AM

GALTIS a 2 way floorstander
I am busy buikding a new 2 way floorstander. The cabinett has two chambers, one seladet for the tweeter and midbass, and one reflexloaded for the bass. The drivers are VIFA XT25 tweeters and Scanspeak 18W/8542 mid/bass drivers.
Lukasz Fikus has designed the filters for the speakers. I first intended to use LC Audios seroell x-over but Lukasz thought his filter would be a better choice. Ill try it to start with.

Won 22nd April 2002 03:48 PM

A friend and I are building a pair of shielded, biamped MMMTMMM array towers. The midbasses are Axon 6S3 (cheap in quantities of 10+ at Zalytron) and the tweeters are Morel DMS-30s.

The amps and active crossover are going to be made from kits from Rod Elliot (


PS This is our first project both for amps and speakers.

G-Daddy 22nd April 2002 05:04 PM

My current project is a pair of electrostatic headphones (DIY Capital Punishment Device) and an accompanying solid-state direct-drive amp. The 'phones are done, tested them with a standard amp and step-up transformer rig, sounded great. The next part of the plan is getting the amp up and running. I've got a design, based on Kevin Gilmore's omega driving amplifier. It's one crazy schematic. All solid state, and direct-drive so the amp itself swings 600 volts or so on the output.

Once this system is complete, the next project is going to be an 8 foot tall floor-standing full-range electrostatic loudspeaker pair. Hopefully, I'll be able to adapt this headphone amplifier design to drive those. Any questions or comments welcome.

- Jonathan

Kilowatt 22nd April 2002 07:07 PM

baddest-ass system ever
My current project is a 4 channel Leach Amp with 4 Sony Xplod subwoofers (yeah, car subs in the house, I know) and a stereo ESP 03 amp for mid, and another for trebble (horns). My next plan is to complete my 7200W (900W x 8) amp, which I will pretty much design my self, but based on a Doug Self MOSFET design with an output stage much like the Leach Superamp, and use it for bass, with 8 or more Audiobahn subs (supposedly rated 1kW RMS each, 96.4dB@1W@1m, 31mm Xmax, and only $189 each) and using my Leach amps for trebble (horns) and a couple more 900W channels, but with lower supply voltage, each driving 3 EV 10" midwoofers (300W RMS, 99dB@1W@1m, $190) for midrange. All the amps are water-cooled. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with that system.

Right now I'm almost done with one Leach amp channel and am working on the cooling system and power supply, I'm done with the cooling system for the insanely big amp, and I have those 4 Sony subs hooked up to my ordinary bi-amped stereo.

Helix 22nd April 2002 09:58 PM

Current Projects
I am currently designing a 5 channel amp build around some (maybe 10?) of those TDA7293's (have to think how much heat those things give out in a 2U case!)

Also I am prototyping a 6 channel pre-amp which is somewhere along the lines of 6 MicroControlled BoZ with some other tricks up it's sleeve (external power supply control with loop control from some plug in PRTs (temp sensor on each mosfet/power op-amp) for all my amps. Built in sub control. etc etc) Nice elctro-illuminated 4*40 LCD!

BTW i built another of those class B boards i was banging on about earlyer, runs better then the last version. was gonna make a 5 channel amp with those, but still not happy with the distortion products.

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