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5th element 20th March 2004 12:58 AM

DRC with that DRC thingy!
OK well I applied the room correction thing to my room following the spec. It removed some colloration from room interation in the mid band, made central images stronger, evened the bass. And destroyed a slight mid range peak that added some forwardness to the sound. I wanted to get rid of this by altering the xover anyway I guess I dont have to now:D

The bass is very powerful now and increadibly forceful when required. Im glad I got the XLS now I need the xtra oomph.

Thats one thing that the DRC system does quite a bit better at, when its turned up it stays more coherent. I remember these were two things that stuck out with the TacT system that I heard, muchas powerfulas bassas and very clear at high volumes.

I will post more when I have time to make more filter using different settings, and when I have had time to listen to more music with it, which hasnt been all that much up to now, but the early results are promising.

5th element 20th March 2004 01:10 AM

OK forget all that talk about placebo effect HA, I didnt have the correction thing put in. Must have just been the effect of turning up the bass.

I had got rid of two room modes a different way which resulted in me needing to up the bass level on the active xover. So when I removed these peaks to let the DRC get to work it just made the bass sound more powerful and thus made everything else sound less forceful. Less forceful as in more bass makes top end sound not as forward.

Switching in the convolver made it sound terrible, like a transistor radio, the bass just dissapeared and the sound became soo thin and weedy, much like have a minus amount of baffle step.

I wonder if I did something wrong in the contruction of the filter. Hmm.

Ill try again tumorrow.

Rarkov 3rd April 2004 06:26 PM

Which DRC thing is this? Sourceforge project? I've just bought a Perpetual Technologies P-1A...That does DRC but it has to be calibrated by PT. :(


5th element 3rd April 2004 10:49 PM

Im not entirely sure :) its a computer based program that makes a DRC filter you put into the output of a music player such as foobar. I have not actually tried doint this again yet as ive had much uni work and speakers to build.

There must have been some fundamental reason why it failed, I followed the intructions to the letter and everything looks like its working, but the sound is terrible. Nothing like the Tact system i heard.

Henckel 4th April 2004 04:46 PM

Have you done new measurements and filter calculations- after the changes in the bass setup/standing waves ?

If not so that is the reason why the results with DRC was less than optimum.


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