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tech.knockout 8th March 2004 04:45 AM

look at these Peerless kit speakers
These are a very interesting line of speakers:

2 ways with Peerless XLS woofers and tweeters. Nice prices as well.

WHat do you think? Are Peerless XLS drivers capable of being a good midbass?

busterno1 8th March 2004 04:59 AM

here are some different peerless kits from wes compoments

I think yours look a lot better

you dont have email adress for them do you ?

Ilike the idea of being able to build your own boxes as well

tktran 8th March 2004 07:29 AM

i disagree. Peerless HDS are better for midbass duties. XLS for woofer/subwoofer applications. do you have any specs on those speakers?

peerless kits from Wes are reasonably good value, as far as australian kit speakers are concerned. i did a parts breakdown (AU$) a while ago, if anyone's interested i can send the excel spreadsheet. when you add up the cost of the raw internal parts alone, (ie. purchased from other vendors) the cabinets cost about $185 to $900 (a pair 5" bookshelf black vinyl to a pair of 1.2metre tall jarrah floorstanding cabinets).

the cabinets are fully built and finished and come with grills.
if i purchase a kit speaker i'd buy this one, not other kits whose raw MDF planks cost the equivalent of $600...

tech.knockout 8th March 2004 09:33 AM

sorry I think they are not XLS woofers, they are a special Peerless long throw double magnet variety of their normal woofers.


the cabinets cost about $185 to $900 (a pair 5" bookshelf black vinyl to a pair of 1.2metre tall jarrah floorstanding cabinets).
$900 for a pair of floorstanding cabinets...:confused:


whose raw MDF planks cost the equivalent of $600...
Umm not really

Umm why doesnt the WES website have the prices only for the smallest bookshlef model?

tktran 8th March 2004 10:09 AM


i have just finished building my own floorstanding cabinets. here's the cost breakdown

MDF cut to size at Bunnings- $80
Acoustic Damping - $100
PVA Glue $10
Tmber veneer - $120
Dacron filling - $10
Danish Oil- $27
Wax - $38
PVC port- $5.
MDF for grill- $6

labour - too many hours.

Total price- ~$400.

$900 for a fully built fully finished cabinet is not unreasonable.

In line with Vaf cabinets eg. $1,000 for I66.

Now as a comparison have look at The Loudspeaker Kit's TL6...

WES prices are only available on request...

tech.knockout 8th March 2004 10:53 AM

oh i see what you mean. But yeh with the comment on MDF planks being $600 ;)

here are the woofer specs(or what i think the woofer is),

what do you think?

tktran 8th March 2004 12:52 PM

i have no direct experience with that driver, but Linkwitz did a midrange driver distortion comparison, and the 2 the Peerless HDS that he measured performed well, to the point he considered them definite performance/price leaders.

if u can get some hard facts about actual driver models, crossover topology etc we can make a guestimate as to how well it might perform.

5th element 8th March 2004 01:37 PM

These do not use the 8" HDS unit, all the drivers listed here have convex dustcaps, the HDS are concave. The look similar to the XLS range of drivers but they are not. To me they look like long throw versions of the SDS range. Obviously custom designs.

So combined XLS with with SDS.

fishball79 9th March 2004 04:15 AM

Hi tktran,

Was wondering where did you get dacron and if Bunnings would cut 45deg mitre joints as well as rout holes for woofer/tweeter cutouts.

tktran 9th March 2004 10:57 AM


i found the dacron at an upholstery shop. u know places that repair old chairs, lounge suites etc? there's bound to be a few in your state. (usually in industrial/manufuring suburbs)

when i asked they immediately knew exactly what i wanted, then queried what density i wanted. usually people just ask "what's dacron?!"

not sure if bunnings do 45 degree mitre cuts or route. sorry.
i used butt joints and cut the holes myself.

my next pair of speakers will use pre-veneered MDF and i'll get the suppliers to cut them to size and 45 degrees as well.

veneering aint easy...


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