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camusmuse 6th March 2004 12:12 AM

Crossover design mojo...phase alignment with a hint of zobel?
OK.... I may be way off base here, but I've been doing some thinking(I know..... it's a dangerous thing for a DIY person{grinning}). After reading up on passive crossovers, I found(or remembered) that a first order passive xover would put the driver 90 degrees "out" of phase. Now could I use this to my advantage in designing my next SQ car audio system? I plan on having the tweeters on the dash(practically vertical, facing the driver's and passenger's seats,so none of my "phase alignment" would be needed). The mids and the mid bass on the other hand will be in the door("rotated" 90 degrees from the plane of the tweets). I will be using an active crossover with "poly-amplification", however the mid needs a higher low pass point(800hz) than my active xover provides(500hz), so I thought I could use a first order passive xover(just a cap) to get my xover frequency right *and* "align" the phase!?! The mid bass would be manipulated in the same way.

Well if all of this isnt enough, I would like to use zobel networks for all the front drivers as well. I have found some online calculators, that use the nom imp and a value that I don't know how to get....."the frequency at which the nom imp is doubled". Anyone know how to get this or more appropriately a better way to design a zobel network for speakers without having T/S parameters(unless some kind soul knows the TS for Infinity's EMIT tweets(out of the RS4 home speaker I believe) and their RSDS 5" dome mids(the car audio ones), I'm still undecided on the midbass)?



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