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Timn8ter 2nd March 2004 09:04 PM

Watts = Quality
I had a humorous conversation last weekend.
Visitor: What are those?
Me: Speakers
Visitor: What brand?
Me: I made them
Visitor: What brand did you copy?
Me: None, I did research and designed them. Would you like to hear them?
Visitor: Sure....those sound good. How many watts are they?
Me: How many do they need to be?
Visitor: I dont' know. How big is your amp? That's the amp right?
Me: Yeah, it's 8 watts, although it's only turned up a little so it might be pushing 1 or 2 watts.
Visitor: But I thought you had to have hundreds of watts?
Me: I guess not.

The point of this is a question. Is this an American phenomenon or do consumers have this false belief in other countries too?

5th element 2nd March 2004 09:22 PM

Oh its a funny old world I had a similar conversation myself with a m8 during secondary school.

I had just got a pair of mission 752 freedoms, this was before my time of making things!!, although that was soon to follow:D
I told one of my mates that id got em and it became his thing to tell ppl that I had just bought a pair of speakers that cost you new 580?? i cant remember, I payed 400 so I guess 580 hits the spot rite I know I got a reasonable deal.

Either way ppls reactions were like you spent what!, on loudspeakers! ure mad. But after the wow factor had dissapated the next question is how many watts are they.

Im like, ya'watt! (ha! sorry my bad) it doesnt matter how many watts they are, speakers dont have a watts, they use them up. Nah but how many watts are they! I had just said the dont have watts as per say, but yet they still persisted. So I then asked them, if I told you a figure, watt would it mean to you, because the number of watts a speaker can handle on its own tells you nothing. No No it doesnt matter just tell us how many watts they are, they were not going to understand I mean how many 15 ye olds do u you meet that understands about this kinda stuff? Either way I just gave in and said they can handle 125 watts, rite then they sed and that was it, didnt mean anything to them either!

ronc 2nd March 2004 09:26 PM

The first watt is the most important.
PPL get caught up in the numbers game.I have seen car audio amps that claimed more output than the current avaliable.If you have efficent speakers then little power is required.

Timn8ter 2nd March 2004 09:33 PM

Reading the history of audio I was getting the impression that Europe and Asia didn't fall into the same trap as American audio consumers/companies did. :xeye:

till 2nd March 2004 09:34 PM


The point of this is a question. Is this an American phenomenon or do consumers have this false belief in other countries too?
of corse its the same in other countries, at least those i visited until now.

5th element 2nd March 2004 09:42 PM

Yes ppl like to see large numbers in everything, from bank ballance, to pay cheque, to the top speed of their car, to how fast their PC is, to how many hours of sleep they can get tonite.

I have read somewhere that americans do suffer from this more then Europians(sp?) but I dont know if thats true or not. As long as something is set withing a defined limit, be it 1-10 and ppl want 10 or 1-1000 and ppl want the 1000, it doesnt matter as long as they have the toppest, most biggesst, fatest number!. Makes ppl feel in control, like they have the power!

Mwahahahahahahhahahaha my car puts out 100000 lemonstrikes per yulatar, ain that great! Whaddya mean that doesnt exist.

Timn8ter 2nd March 2004 09:47 PM

Judging by these huge Cadiallac SUVs with 22" wheels and Hummers I think it's more common here. :whazzat:

Does anyone see a shift occurring? It seems that high efficiency is making a comeback, or is that wishful thinking?

till 2nd March 2004 09:51 PM

not for the mass consumer market, at least over here

noone belives me when they listen my system and i tell this is much less than 1 Watt average you listen to...

5th element 2nd March 2004 09:53 PM

Well if we follow the same rules manufactures should make huge sales increases over the competition if efficiency increases because its a bigger number all over again!!!!!!!

ralph-bway 2nd March 2004 10:00 PM

I use to tell folks (about amp wattage), "it depends on how you measure it", and then make the mistake of trying to explain how the numbers can be played with.

Now I just say, "depends on how much I'm trying to sell 'em for".

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