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manxam 20th February 2004 02:13 AM

Choosing a sub driver based on T/S...
I'm looking to build a set of stereo subs for use in my HT setup but, due to lack of funds and the cost of shipping/duty to canada, am likely unable to buy anything from partsexpress or madisound. I've scoured solen but find nothing 'affordable'.

I had considered the Tang Band 8" but would prefer a 10 or 12" driver so... my question is this:

If i were to purchase car audio subwoofers, what T/S specs should I look for in order to make a good selection?

I can model them out in WinISD or unibox but really have no idea what I should be looking for :)

These units will be ported and in approximately 1 cu ft (External dimension (.75" MDF)).

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot!

mikee12345 20th February 2004 07:06 AM

ideal response is flat to DC,taking room gain into account
so probably a sealed box thats -3db at 30hz will be okay.

i have a ported box ,tuned to 33hz ,jbl15",the lows dont seem bloated with the sharp roll off


what T/S specs should I look for in order to make a good selection?
Fs=play notes below this and expect more distortion.How much depends on quality and cost

Qts= damping
lower numbers mean ported
higher numbers mean sealed
if its Qts=0.7+ then its only dipole/iB usage really

Xmax=you need enough of it to achieve non distorted output,which will depend on box alignment and type.

Im not a fan of 1 cube ported boxes as the ports are usuialy too long or highly compromised for normal low tunings and high power usage-but you can customise it to the situation and work it out. 'tutorials'

use winisd pro its fast and the helpfile in it too.

sreten 21st February 2004 10:16 AM

Your critical parameter is efficiency and the power of the amplifier
such that output is in the right ballpark for your main speakers.

Allied to this the driver must have enough excursion
capability to meet these volume requirements.

Simply put there is a trade-off between volume capability
and the real bass extension you can achieve, lower
efficiency drivers will have more bass.

You are talking about a 0.7 cuft enclosures, or 18 litres internally.

So a Sealed 10" tops, Ported 8" tops, IMO.

:) sreten.

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