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michael 2nd February 2004 08:17 AM

DIY club for adelaide?
Hi does anyone here from adelaide know of an audio club or group or be willing to help start one?
Any kind of DIY welcome, but mainly looking for existing ones but if there are none then a new one would be good to get going.

MarcoK 23rd January 2011 11:09 PM

I'm keen to know too!

My main area of interest is building speakers, but have also build active filters and put Amp kits together.

Would be nice to have a gettogether once a while to show-and-tell.

Keith Taylor 24th January 2011 02:36 PM

Micheal, While I wouldn't swear to it I doubt if there is an Audio Club in Adelaide like there is in Melbourne. There is an active section of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) which I am on the committee of. We have meetings monthly and guests are welcome to attend. Our current chairman is a loudspeaker designer and is on the Board of Governors and gets to attend conferences and conventions all over the place! Some members are into recording and post production.

Finding someone to make a presentation or finding a place to visit every month is not always easy. While the AES has a preference for scientific rigour it is well recognised that in audio there are groups that have interests such that they may seem to inhabit a different planet to the rest of us. A recent example was a visit to a recording studio where the owner mentioned at the beginning that he had very little knowledge of electronics or acoustics, but an ability to give his clients the kind of sounds they may be looking for.

My own interests are recording and loudspeakers but I should mention that I am only interested in acoustic music. Currently I have a pair of Linkwitz Orion dipole speakers that anyone is welcome to have a listen to. If interested Google "linkwitzlab"


3GGG 25th January 2011 07:56 AM

I would be interested. Happy to host on a rotation basis, that is if Michael is still around after posting 7 years ago:-)

ratbagp 25th January 2011 01:28 PM

I would urge you to get your group started.

There is a group in our area that has been meeting for about 10 years now and I would make a couple of suggestions.

Since you are a dyi group, I would suggest no more than 4 meetings per year. It takes time for people to build new stuff.

Try to find a listening room that is big enough to house a dozen or so people, yet small enough to allow for single ended amps and small speakers. You also need room for all the amps / speakers etc that people will bring. Our group is fortunate in that two of our members have rooms that work very well for us. My listening room would not be suitable.

We start about 10am and go till about 4 or 5pm. It gives plenty of time to ring the changes with the various combinations of gear. We welcome all types of music and to me this is the best part when I hear something new and different that I like.

My sister lives in Adelaide and I would love to come to one of your events when I am next in the area.

Here is a link to our group. Bottleheads


MarcoK 15th February 2011 02:45 AM

Hi Guys

Thanks for the response and the encouragement. At this stage I'm looking to just join-in, not to start anything...

I might go and have a chat with VAF and Jaycar to see if they are aware of such a club.


coley 27th May 2011 06:14 AM

Hi i am keen to join an Adelaide club. would be cool if we could test our gear out at vaf. haha

lowpoke 27th May 2011 06:37 AM

You can count me in too. (Could be difficult with such a small number of people here though and especially if everyone's into different things.)

coley 27th May 2011 06:49 AM

well what are we all in to?
i have just finished a pair of frugel horn mk3.
Also have a pair of VAF DC 7's
nad t775hd (av receiver) & nad t587 (bluray).
I am into music and movies. I am trying to expand my musical side.

I am 23 and a boilermaker at asc.

3GGG 27th May 2011 06:57 AM

Be best to keep it seperate from any commercial interests i think.
Good mate is an engineer at subcorp.

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