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squidbait 20th January 2004 06:15 PM

Free crossover software?
Are there any free programs out there that will aid in crossover design? If not, what programs are recommended for a reasonable price?

Timn8ter 20th January 2004 09:06 PM

These are not comprehensive but they can get you going.

f4ier 20th January 2004 09:16 PM

1. Crossover Simulator
- can simulate just about any passive crossover you can imagine.

- textbook filter-based crossover tool for both newbies and advanced users.

3. SpeakerWorkshop
- can simulate just about any passive crossover, plus it can measure both acoustic and electrical transfer functions through the soundcard.

hope these help, good luck :)


kelticwizard 20th January 2004 09:22 PM


Does Crossover Simulator have a provision to deal with center-to-center driver spacing? If not, do you plan to add one down the line?

f4ier 20th January 2004 09:53 PM

Driver offsets? Not at the moment, but I do have plans for such features (and more). XoverSim works hand-in-hand with user-given measurements and/or FRD Group tools for transfer function preprocessing.

At the moment, Subwoofer Simulator is back on the drawing board. After messing around with these two little programs I now know how to write a sine-sweep-based parameter extractor for SubSim (using the soundcard). I was looking into MLS-based measurement, but the mathematics is over my head [I only finished 1.5yrs of my EE before working full time to pay the rent :( )

Down the line, I still see both SubSim and XoverSim combined into one program; with measurement functions, graphical circuit editors and so on... :)

Jim85IROC 22nd January 2004 07:57 PM

Isaac... I don't suppose there's a "FRD Group software For Dummies" manual anywhere is there? I downloaded the crossover program and can't get much of anything to work, basically because I haven't figured out how to create (or find) FRD and ZMA files.

I downloaded the subwoofer program to play with it, and entered all of the t/s parameters for a specific woofer I'm interrested in and started to play. Sealed and vented box mapping was going great, but I found myself a bit confused by some of the termonology. For example, with the ported box, I saw terms such as Fb, Av, and Lv. Fb I'm assuming is the tuning frequency of the port, Av would be area of the vent (or is this diameter??) and Lv would be length. But... shouldn't changing Av and Lv effect Fb?

Lastly... are some of the woofer files included with the program correct? The numbers for the Brahma subs seem to be miles off.


f4ier 23rd January 2004 03:14 PM

Jim, I don't know of any unofficial instruction manuals for the Group's tools except for Paul V's posts at the Madisound board. Ideally, the input FRD and ZMA files would come from your completed speakers' (minus the filters') acoustical and electrical measurements respectively. Alternatively, you could make virtual measurements (from manufacturer-supplied graphs) using FRD Group tools namely SPLTrace, FRC and BDS.

Av is the vent radius. The calling convention is consistent with most of the references I've seen particularly from the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. Yes, changing either or both Av and Lv changes Fb. Remember to use the Enter key to accept any changes you make.

At the time of uploading the zipped up SubSim files, I believe the woofer files are correct.

Cheers :)

alex lancaster 21st March 2004 01:54 PM


Is there a program to calculate inductors, to roll my own?


thomas997 22nd March 2004 02:04 AM

Re: inductors

Originally posted by alex lancaster

Is there a program to calculate inductors, to roll my own?


all from this site :)

alex lancaster 22nd March 2004 03:37 AM

Thanks a lot!, as You can see, Im a newbie.


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