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static 31st December 2003 05:16 AM

Pioneer TS-W34C 12'' sub for a dipole
I've been looking for sub drivers locally and for cheap, to experiment (and possibly like the final result) with building a dipole sub.
This one is currently on sale, but i am not sure if it is good for dipole application. Its Qts : 0.64 and XMax is 28mm.

The fullest specs i could find of the driver are here:

I plan to build an H-baffle dipole, but to situate drivers horizontally (not vertically like in Orions) - is it ok, or its gotta be vertical?


Volenti 31st December 2003 10:15 AM

I don't know where they got that QTS but I'm certain it's not right for that model,I don't have that model in my database at home (I do at work though) but I recall it being around .3, you can however use the "F" series in dipole, since they're designed for IB use and have a suitable QTS for dipole use.


Horozontal configuration will be fine.

Nuuk 31st December 2003 10:23 AM

Where do you find the T/S parameters for the Pioneers? I can't see them on that link.

Volenti 31st December 2003 11:41 AM


Originally posted by Nuuk
Where do you find the T/S parameters for the Pioneers? I can't see them on that link.

The F series aren't supplied with T/S parameters that I recall, you have to test them, I can't recall their exact QTS but it's high, over 0.5

static 31st December 2003 01:57 PM


Where do you find the T/S parameters for the Pioneers? I can't see them on that link.
got to:

and in that table, around half way of the table, under features: the only entry is Qts: 0.64

It is strange however that Pioneer own website does not have that parameter. It seems to be the bottom line of their Premium car subs.


static 31st December 2003 07:05 PM

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and get them (on special for $63 CAN (1US = 1.3CAN))
Comparing to my Peerless CSX series in my main speakers these look quite dinky and the downside is that Fs of these appears to be ~29Hz (is it really all that bad? , can i still get under 29Hz with EQ?)

Also It says on the box that they are for in-box use (i guess as opposed to in free air) - so thats another thing i am worried about. Overexcursion - is there a cure?
Qts is 0.65 so i guess its fine.

The cone got a thick plastic centre circle and thats what makes the sub look dinky to me.
The surrounding is foam and pretty wide, comparing to other subs i saw there.

I have a month to evaluate them and return if i dont like them. To protect myself from them blowing, while working in the free air, I got the extra 3year warranty (for like $25US extra for both), so I'm covered there.

I'm afraid to be dissapointed with those in the final H-baffled dipole, but i guess there is only one way to find out ;) - is to try and see.

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Nuuk 1st January 2004 09:34 AM

Well apart gfrom the fact that Volenti questioned that Qts parameter, they should be worth a try in the baffles.

Looks like you are the man for the job! ;)

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