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Konnan101 23rd December 2003 06:04 PM

nedd a speaker setupo for rock and vocals
I am pretty new to this stuff, and have been reading around quite alot. I was wondering if anyone had any recomendations for speaker setups that ic oudl build for myself. I am looking for speakers that will be playing mostly rock, but i would really like them to play reallly good acoustic and vocals. I would prefer a floorstanding setup. Thnx

sreten 23rd December 2003 11:28 PM

budget ?

though it think these will do the job :
(with some cabinet bracing)

or :

both are easy to convert to a floor standing cabinet.

:) sreten.

thoriated 23rd December 2003 11:55 PM

Hi, Konnan -

Well, I'm finishing up on a '2 1/2 way' speaker of that general type using three JBL 2226J woofers a side crossed over at about 700 hz to a 2" compression driver (I'm using the 2445J, but there may be better sounding equivalents) driving a 40 x 90 flat front CD horn.

The effective internal cabinet volume is about 13.5 cu ft. Its external dimensions are 20"w x 24" d x 60" h with the horn on top and the three woofers in a vertical array below, meant to be used against a back wall. I deliberately tuned the port way low (25hz) and am using a 1320uF nonpolar series cap (actually four 330uF polypropylene solens in parallel) in front of a 30mH shunt inductance paralleled with the three woofers to get a 'free' boost between 30 hz-60hz peaking at 4db, as well as a 'free' subsonic filter. I'm also peaking the woofer just below the HF horn 4db at about 500 hz before rolloff and rolling off the two lower ones above 300hz second order to tighten up the imaging above 300hz which is also aided by the narrow baffle. This all results in a speaker that is just over 100 db efficient, covers 20hz-20khz well in an indoor environment (haven't tried it outdoors yet) and will play at live rock levels with little distortion, if you have at least 200-500 watts/side.

The bass is particularly good for a high efficiency speaker this size basically resembling that of a closed box down to below 40 hz with the reflex tuning taking over below that, so bass reflex transient anomalies aren't as noticeable as they are for a simple BR tuned at 40 hz as is typical with JBL 2226J applications, plus there's almost another 'free' octave of usable response below with this speaker, although room reinforcement helps below 32 hz.

PS. I got this speaker producing recognizable square waves around 1Khz on axis with the horn - it has good spatial imaging and detail for a speaker of its type and a couple of partial notch filters at about 750 hz and 1.2 khz do a good job of keeping the CD horn response controlled up to 10khz. Interestingly enough grounding the woofer baskets and horn bell to the negative input terminal (I used an aluminum B&C ME75 horn instead of a JBL 2380) made a significant improvement wrt inner detail reproduction.

Konnan101 24th December 2003 04:42 PM

thnx for all the help

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