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Kev06 25th July 2013 11:14 AM

Choosing between three mid drivers
Ill be building a pair of 3-ways with active crossovers (for my living room), and am narrowing down my choices for the mid-range driver.

My criteria are that I want it to work well in a sealed enclosure, and am hoping to cross over at 300Hz and 3kHz (the bass driver is likely to be the SEAS D1001 L26ROY in a ported enclosure, Ive not decided on a tweeter yet). Off axis is quite important as on some occasions itll be playing to the room, not just a sweet spot, so around 4 or 5 would seem best to reach 3kHz.

With my amps, Ill be able to get 108dB@1m from the L26ROY; the choice of good small mids that will do that is a little limited, but there are a number that would do 105dB if I reduce my ambitions a bit. Having looked at all the specs and charts, my top-3 short list is:

SEAS MCA12RC H1304 (4) - 41
Audax HM130C0 (5.25) - 80
Morel EM428 (4) - 100

All of them seem to fit my criteria and get reasonable reviews; has anyone got any strong preferences?


wintermute 25th July 2013 11:33 AM

I've not heard any of them, but I've often thought that the morel would be good in a three way. I have Morel MW-144's (5") and love the natural sound on vocals.


vacuphile 25th July 2013 11:40 AM

Since off axis is important to you, I would not go for the 5.25" Audax, but for one of the 4"-ers on a narrow baffle.

I don't have very good experiences with Morel, but I don't know this particular model. One thing to raise eyebrows is the oversized voice coil made out of aluminum. Think eddy currents.

All in all, the SEAS would be a good choice, and I wouldn't cross it over at 3Khz, but much lower with 4th order LR, which can easily be achieved with an electronic xover.

afa 25th July 2013 11:51 AM

I haven't heard any of those drivers either but I have used the Audax HM100Z0 4" mid driver (92dB @1w/1m) in the past and had good results but you might need a steep slope at 300hz to have good power handling, they were temporarily taken of the diy market but are now available again from Madisound and audax speaker units from . cheers, Arthur.

Kev06 25th July 2013 06:40 PM

Thanks everyone! So mixed feelings on the Morel EM428 then, which is interesting. The Audax HM130C0 sneaked onto my list because its response chart suggests its almost as good as the 4" ones off axis at 300Hz, but yes its not 'quite' as good and even with 4th order XO there'd be some higher frequency effects too, so it would need a reason to be chosen over the others.

Thanks for the suggestion of the Audax HM100Z0 afa, I'd not considered that one - its not high power handling but due to its high sensitivity (even after compensating for the 4ohms nominal) it certainly reaches the SPLs I wanted and in fact more. Though I see what you mean about needing a steep X-over; with an Fs of 250Hz its probably designed for a slightly higher range than i was looking for in this instance. Its getting very close to Xmax in my simulations, and the audax chart shows it starting to roll off above my XO point, which I'm not sure I have the experience to tackle with confidence - think I'd better play safer to begin with.


Greebster 26th July 2013 05:33 AM

Many like the Scan Speak Discovery 10F 4" midrange for this reason.

The Seas Prestige FU10RB-08 4" fullrange is another top notch driver highly recommended.
Zaph has done tests and it behaves very nicely. It's 5th (4Ω) and 6th (8Ω) driver down.

Face 26th July 2013 06:53 AM

Another vote for the 10F.

Just curious, which tweeter?

Jay 26th July 2013 08:23 AM

Matching a midrange to a woofer is not easy. So you have to simulate and pick the best match. Because I don't think the 3 midranges will match equally well. You may even want to simulate other candidates. But both Morel and Audax are good individually. Not with the Seas.

Kev06 26th July 2013 09:09 AM

Thanks chaps!

Jay, thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a go modelling the full rangees and see what they look like :-)

Face, I've not chosen the tweeter yet; there seems to be a lot more choice with those, so I decided to look at the mid first and then try to find a tweeter to suit it.

Jay, yes thanks, it will certainly be a learning curve for me. Hopefully I'm keeping it as simple as possible by using active crossovers and not relying on the driver's roll-off, but even then I realise WinISD can only tell me so much.

So far then, it sounds like a vote both for and against the seas MCA12RC H1304, one for the Audax HM130C0 and two for the Morel EM428


Charles Darwin 26th July 2013 09:17 AM

John 'Zaph' Krutke seems to think that Morel (and Dynaudio) use an inherently flawed design. Here are his comments on the HU531:
"Comments: This Morel driver almost looks alien from the back with a very unique frame and magnet mounting system. It has a huge 3" voice coil. The response is relatively smooth and extended, and the voice coil should remain cool under heavy usage, but that's pretty much it for the items on the good list. On the bad side is the harmonic distortion. Basically, it's terrible. Notice that the F5 is nearly as high as the F3... not good. While I was running the sweep, I noticed very high tall order spectrum noise. I have to wonder if we will ever see 3" and 4" inset magnet speakers with good motor designs. Currenly, not from Dynaudio, Hi-Vi or Morel. Tested May 2006."

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