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RickDangerous 26th March 2013 09:33 PM

WAF Audio Najda reviews

I stumbled upon this thread :
whilst looking for an alternative to building & designing an analogue crossover for a 3 way DIY studio monitor i want to make from drivers in PMC designs (IB1S, MB2S).

If you have used the WAF Audio Najda (245 )
WAF - Wroclaw Audio Force
then please post your review here.

Thanks to all !

RickDangerous 5th April 2013 07:51 PM


Inductor 6th April 2013 04:53 AM

Hi Rick,
You know you can also search the forum?! If it is of any help, awesome. If you knew about the threads already, the better. :D

RickDangerous 6th April 2013 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by Inductor (

Oh i search a lot, but i havent seen any proper reviews yet. Would be good to have some in a dedicated thread.

yoshisoakland 2nd September 2016 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by RickDangerous (
Oh i search a lot, but i havent seen any proper reviews yet. Would be good to have some in a dedicated thread.

There is a review on youtube in French by "jipihorn". He like the board a lot and some of his criticism has been included in the board version 1.3. He performed measurements:

noise: - 120 dB after the analogue DAC section

harmonics: 2nd and 3rd harmonic -102 dB higher harmonics well below -120dB

THD: between 0.001 - 0.004% depending on frequency

jitter: +/- 5 nanosec

The values are from a youtube vidoe from "jipihorn" in French - I hope I understood correctly as my French is a bit rusty. The tester in the youtube video likes the Najda board, especially as the price is competitive. One thing I am a bit concerned about is that while the sample rate can be 96 and 192 kHz for improved DSP calculation precision, the audio bandwidth is limited to 24 kHz by an internal sample rate converter FIR (?) filter, so 96 kHz source material will be filtered to 48 kHz. This probably is not a big problem (Shannon theorem) and may even protect us from intermodulation distortion of supersonic frequencies in the power amplifier. The noise and THD seems to be very good, and while the jitter is not exceptional it is also good enough, as even the listeners heartbeat introduced larger jitter. I really like the flexible gain structure of the board and the analogue volume control! Very tempted to buy a Najda.

Zonneschimmel 2nd September 2016 02:09 PM

I have one and like it very much, but have never owned similar products so can't really compare.

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