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ATAUDIO 4th March 2013 05:25 PM

Aura NS6-255-8A 6" in a 12 L ported box
I am planning to put those drivers each in a box of about 20 x 30 (baffle) x 20 cm (deep) box, (8" x 12" x 8") as a woofer only. That would account to 12 l , a little less than 1/2 cu. ft. I would like to make a cutout port on the shorter side, about 20 x 2.5 cm (8" x 1"), deep as needed, probably about 15 cm (6") as a port.
The midrange-tweeter would be stacked over, in a separate chamber.
Do you think it is feasible? Could you give me some hint how to to simulate it? I am a total beginner in this field.
I do noot need exceptional bass, 80-100 Hz cutoff would do for me.

If the box would be too small, I could put it in communication with the midrange chamber, getting about another 8 L, so a total of 20 L, a little more than 2/3 cu. ft.

jReave 4th March 2013 06:30 PM

Don't port it at all - leave it sealed for an f3 of about 75Hz.

Do not under any circumstances use the same chamber for the woofer and the mid - they each need their own separate space.

There are many free programs to simulate box responses - I'm fond of Unibox, UniBox - Unified Box Model for Loudspeaker Design, but you must have Excel. Try WinISD if you don't, LinearTeam

No offense intended, but if you can't figure out how to model the box response, I don't know how in the world you are going to figure out how to correctly implement a 3-way cross-over?

Perhaps start instead by following a proven design that uses that Aura driver:
The Aurbacks Aura NS6-255 and Vifa BC25SC TM
The Maurbacs Maurbacs NS6 MTM
The Stentorians Speaker Design Works

Best of luck

SpirosZ 4th March 2013 06:39 PM

WinISD suggests a 45.6 lt vented box tuned at 40,5 Hz.
In a 20it box tuned at 45Hz you get -4db at 53 Hz and still a nice down-sloping curve with a slight rise at around 100Hz.
However the slot will have to be 28cm long using your 20X2.5cm slot dimentions.
Alternatively you can use 2 round 3cm 81mm long ports or a 14cm long 20X1.5cm slot.
With a higher tuning (i.e. shorter tube/slot and >60Hz) you will get a nasty peak around 90hz and booming one note bass.
Download WinISD and do some simulations yourself.
No way I would put it in a 12lt enclosure.
That woofer needs a large box.

SpirosZ 4th March 2013 07:03 PM

And one more thing, why 3 way? that aura woofer does not need a midrange. According to most users it has great midrange and crosses well to a tweeter.
A midrange will most likely cause more problems.

jReave 4th March 2013 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by SpirosZ (
No way I would put it in a 12lt enclosure.

Just to be clear, 12L is too small for a ported enclosure.

If you don't need anything below 80Hz, then a sealed 12L box will work fine. Qtc is about .779. Xmax will be exceeded with 10W producing 98.5dB's when content is below 80Hz.

ATAUDIO 4th March 2013 08:14 PM

Thanks to both for the very informative posts.
I feel you are expert in this stuff.
I must tell you this is none audiophile project.
It will be some kind of portable PA stuff, for semi-professional use.
So I need to put some other 8 ohms in parallel to the Aura to get all the possible spl out out my TDA2020 at 12 V.
I will put a Celestion Neo 5" full range, crossed over at 125 Hz with a simple 150 uF, as a mid range. The Celestion extends up much more than the Aura, around 9k. The tweetwer is a piezo (Peavey I guess) that I will simply slap in parallel , counterphase and I may adjust only with a resistor of 10 Ohm or so. The latter is intentended only for the super highs while the Celestion will take care of the 5k - 9k range.
So, common box, maybe I will cross the Celestion higher. This will improve weight, btw.
Also, is it possible to simulate boxes with different drivers inside and crossover component?
My idea, at the end, is to bring the toy outside, put a measuring microphone in front of the box and do a nice 50-15000 Hz sweep with the generator and just get the amplitude plot.
Does it make sense?

SpirosZ 4th March 2013 08:50 PM

I don't think the Aura is suitable for your project. Nor the Celestion.
I suggest that you get an 8" PA driver instead.

SpirosZ 4th March 2013 09:19 PM

IMHO something like this will be your best choice Strassacker: Speaker Building, Components

SpirosZ 5th March 2013 05:29 AM

The above link only gets you to the index page. The speaker kit I was talking about is the EM-8 Beta.

ATAUDIO 5th March 2013 06:46 AM

I see your point.
But my goals are mainly portability and budget.
The Eminence stuff is a very good PA driver but it is heavy and overkill for a TA2020.
I have already the said drivers, and I should be able to put together a system (2 boxes, cables, amplifier,battery) in 10-12 Kg.
The drivers costed me alltogether about 50 EU.
I had also considered a solution like yours, with a 8" guitar neodidium driver (I believe it was a Peavey stuff) , but I cannot find it anymore.

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