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mortron 23rd January 2013 04:05 AM

To those who have built Goldwood 18" OB H Frame...
Just got four Goldwood 18's, and am planning my baffles. to those who used the 1858 in the H-frames: Did you follow the design and dimensions in the MJK article or did you use your own? I am looking to build a dual woofer H-frame and am unsure of what dimensions to use. 20"x40"? 16" deep? Did you offset the baffle forward to eliminate the magnet sticking out, or leave it centred?

I was thinking an Hframe like this:

DaveCan 23rd January 2013 01:07 PM

Hello Mortron,

I built mine to the exact dims but installed the baffle 8.75'' in from the back edges.. The magnet still remains inside the box by approx 1.5''.. (eyeballed it)

They sound great and , wow! four of them should rock your world!..

I don't play super loud so not sure how they take hours of pounding out the tunes, but so far for me I'm quite happy, especially how they are placed now. Basically right against the side walls with 8' of free space behind them and 12' of free space in front..

Cheers :)

DaveCan 23rd January 2013 04:44 PM

Oops, should have stated that I use mine as subs or bass augmenters crossed at approx 70-75hz and they sound great.. I don't like the sound up much higher in frequency as many have used them, my opinion.. They really sound nice though to me where I have them crossed and placed in my room :)

Pano 23rd January 2013 06:25 PM

Have you seen John Busch's "Widow Makers"? Two of the Goldwood 18s per side, a 10" mid and dome tweeter. They will knock you socks off.
I have measurements at home - if I can dig them up, I'll post them.

See here:
Scroll down to the bottom.

mortron 24th January 2013 03:43 AM

I am not sure where I will cross them yet... Depends on whether or not I can employ a mid between my full range driver and the 18's. I have a 10" eminence driver, and my crossover is a 3 way, so I could play with mids... I just need to borrow an amp until I finish my f5 haha.

As for not playing up higher, I have heard mixed comments and am unable to discern what exactly the sound is... I am unsure now if flat baffles or h frames are the way to go... Or u frames... Hmm. :scratch:

planet10 24th January 2013 05:32 AM

If you go with the H-Frame just build 4. That will give more verstility.


DaveCan 24th January 2013 05:56 PM

I think if it was me and I'm no expert or anything, but I'd use a U or flat baffle if playing up higher in frequency with the GW 18". Something about a woofer inset inside a box, and firing out from it that just doesn't seem to sound very good and colors the sound to my ears when used above sub type settings etc..

As augmenters in that design they sound really decent for the money.. I never tried them other than augmenters, but played around with the x-over settings, and higher up is a no go for me for sq in my room with my system etc..

Wish MJK was still on here, and I've been enjoying his H-frame design for a few years now.. Thanks Martin if you're out there somewhere.. :)

mortron 25th January 2013 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by planet10 (
If you go with the H-Frame just build 4. That will give more verstility.


I am starting to think the same. If I stack them, one facing opposite out of phase, is that still possible? Similar to the linkwitz photo in my OP?


As for the Hframe/fulat baffle debate... I'm torn, because the h frame gets lower without eq and it also takes up less space than a 4 foot wide baffle in my living room... My room isn't very big. These are the major draws to the Hframe for me.

DaveCan 25th January 2013 04:47 PM

The price of admission to knock off a couple of H-frames per Martins specs if just using cheap test wood or like material is a no brainer.. Go for it and see and hear for yourself :)

bigfishe 25th January 2013 09:57 PM

Ok let's hear about those widow makers?

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