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sheraz80 2nd January 2013 10:12 PM

infinity modulus crossover upgrade suggestions
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Hello, I am from Switzerland and recently bought Infinity Modulus monitors. They were made in 1990. I am thinking to upgrade the crossover components. Capacitors used for Tweeters are of Solen and made in 1990.
Solen 4.3uf
Solen 5.1uf

Capacitors for Mid-Woofer used are 2 x film type and one non Polar.

Film type with 2uf and 12uf
Non polar is electrolytic with 16uf.

I am planning to upgrade the 2 Solen in Tweeter with Jantzen Z-Silver type.

For Mid-Woofer I am not sure what to use? Solen or also Jnatzen?

What would you suggest?

Thanks for your help.


sheraz80 3rd January 2013 01:31 PM

Nobody have any suggestions for me? Do you think its worth to upgrade. Budget is around $ 300.-- for all.


xjr100 3rd January 2013 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by sheraz80 (
Nobody have any suggestions for me?

I look on the picture of yor crossover and it is definitly different than in manual.
One cap is different in tweeter - 4.3 vs 5.1uF,

I do not see 1.0 Ohm R2 resistor too.

I see empty place for 2uF in midbass (C4?) , what is the value of yellow cap (C3?) ?

sheraz80 4th January 2013 07:45 AM

Hello, thanks for your reply. Yes Caps in tweeter are different than in manuel. I am thinking to use both with 4.7uf. Both are in series and have tolal capacitence of 9.4uf. Both Solen used are 4.1+5.3= 9.4uf. Is that ok?
The missing Cap 2uf and some components are soldered back side of the crossover board. Big yellow cap is 12uf 100v.
Would be better to change the yellow aps with solen MKP, electrolytic with MKP and all resistors with Mills wirewound?
I can spend around $300 for all if its really worth. Speakers sound good but I have feelings, with good components they will be great mini monitors.
Thanks for your suggestions

sheraz80 4th January 2013 04:12 PM

I ordered 4 x Jantzen silver z-cap 4.7uf for Tweeter and 4 x Solen (2 x 12uf and 2 x 2.2uf) for mid-bass. C5 NPE 16uf has not any replacement untill now.

Will try with 0.22uf Jantzen Silver z-cap to bypass the Solen 12uf and NPE 16uf.

I would like to remove the volume control from tweeter's signal path and will rewire with Rowen copper cable.

Will post the pictures.

xjr100 4th January 2013 09:36 PM

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Originally Posted by sheraz80 (
I am thinking to use both with 4.7uf. Both are in series and have tolal capacitence of 9.4uf. Both Solen used are 4.1+5.3= 9.4uf. Is that ok?

Not that way -those caps are not in parallel, take a look on service manual you've atached.

I've simulated changes in crossover C1=4.3 and C2=5.1 vs C1=4.7 and C2=4.7: you will get drope -1.5dB at 3.2K followed by peak +2.5dB at 3.8K, which slowly will go to 0db at 10K.

Afraid that with better caps you will do downgrade to the sound, as in this case small changes in values have big impact on responce.

This is the picture how you will change the responce curve:

sheraz80 4th January 2013 09:45 PM

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Here are the pictures of my Infinity Modulus with original Sub-woofer.

Nobody have any suggestion what can be optimize for this little babies :) :)

sheraz80 4th January 2013 09:52 PM

Hello Xjr100, thanks for your response. You mean the response of the tweeter will be different if I use 2 4.7uf caps?

But if the Emit is crossedover at 4000Hz in Modulus as states in manual, will it still make difference in final sound after using 2 4.7uf as you simulated? Will these caps will modify the sound of mid-woofer response as well?

Infinity Modulus

Introduced: 1991
Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 27 cm
Bass: 1 x 14 cm
Highs: 1 x EMIT
Suggested for amplifiers with: 25-125 Watts per channel
Frequency range: 80 Hz - 45 kHz
Crossover frequencies: 4000 Hz

xjr100 4th January 2013 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by sheraz80 (
You mean the response of the tweeter will be different if I use 2 4.7uf caps?

Yes and no: more exact say is that speaker responce will be different, as at crossover point sound is summarized from tweeter and woofer. It does not mean that woofer stops playing at srossover point and then plays only tweeter.

If you do not have measurement microphone it is better to keep same values of caps. Search forum and there will be some links to measurement software and equipment - it will seriosly help you.

sheraz80 5th January 2013 08:34 AM

Hello, the exact value of these capacitors 4.3uf and 5.1uf are dificult to find.

In tweeter crossover manual they have two caps each 4.3uf. Why they used one 5.1uf? I must open the other speaker to see if both have same value capacitors or different.

I will definate check the speaker response with mic before and after upgrade. If it will not work I can still use the original caps.

Is there more things to consider before I start changing these caps?

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