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SneakoBaggin 30th December 2012 04:39 AM

First timer, wall mount speaker build
I have spent the last few days reading as much as I can about DIY projects, but alas the web is vast and sometimes I get lost so I am looking for some direction and help.

Backstory: Just finished building a new computer, it's got all the bells and whistles except the built in speakers on the 27" monitor naturally suck. To tide me over I picked up a pair of decent headphones, but I need some speakers and soon.

I start out looking for some basic active $50 computer speakers, move to $100 Panasonic bookshelfs, move to $250 diy kits, and before I know it am looking at $900 4-way floor speakers.

Where I'm at now:
  • I know that I would like to build the speakers myself
  • I am confined to a small bedroom, about 12x14 with my desk currently in a corner up against two walls., but I can rearrange furniture a bit for better audio.
  • I would like to use a small T-amp to drive the speakers, so sensitivity 90db/1w/1m and up is a plus
  • I will build a sub at a later point so low bass isn't a huge deal, but I would like clean extension down to 80hz
  • Not particularly fond of full range drivers, a 2-way speaker with a 5.5-8" mid/woofer and good tweeter is ideal.
  • The speakers don't have to be my end all. Eventually I will have more space for floor standing speakers and these can be moved to the rear as surrounds, but I do appreciate quality sound.
  • Because of my space, so far I think something with a shallow but wide box would fit best in my space, something I can mount on a wall with a side or bottom facing port or sealed enclosure.

  • I have decent woodworking skills, table saw, drill press, band saw. No router
  • I enjoy buying tools so picking a router up isn't an issue. Might need a sliding compound radial arm saw too :p
  • If instructions are good and clear I can follow most anything, especially if there are pictures, but I have no current experience with crossovers so a kit with a prebuilt crossover would be a bonus.
  • Budget??? I'm not too sure which is a problem. Ideally $350 for parts minus wood and veneer would be nice. I could extend the budget to $500 if something enticing is suggested.

I found this kit for the F612PV and was close to buying it before I noticed the location was half way around the world: Flat Panel Speakers
I could always email the company and see if I couldn't get specs from them to try sourcing the parts myself over here but thought I'd see if you guys had any suggestions first.
In the end I am a noob and you guys have the knowledge so feel free to convince me of things like I should really find a way to put the speakers on a stand out away from the wall or suspend them from wires off the ceiling or something crazy.

AllenB 30th December 2012 12:51 PM

Wall mounting has potential, especially in circumstances like this. I wall mount in my garage, but there is a drawback in that wall mounting can produce midrange peaks and nulls. They can be addressed in a number of ways, such as tapering the sides of the cabinet back towards the wall, or using absorbing material.

SneakoBaggin 30th December 2012 11:06 PM

Well I emailed that Ascension Audio company in Australia about buying one of their kits which is designed specifically to be put on a wall and they said they could ship me the kit with everything but the woofer (which I could source from madisound) at a reduced cost with a quite reasonable shipping rate. That speaker is only 6" deep which fits the bill.

I looked quite a bit for wide baffle speakers and couldn't really find anything that was bookshelf sized and diy. I would love to try modifying the box shape of an existing design, but I have no tools to measure and adjust things or really the understanding, Maybe some day

I will take a look at what you said though Allen and possibly pick up some defelx panels to add to the side wall to stop reflection.

sreten 30th December 2012 11:15 PM

Hi, Deflex is overpriced garbage that doesn't work, rgds, sreten.

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