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vandevoordekoen 29th December 2012 10:58 PM

Upgrading drivers --> building 4pi speakers

A while ago, I decided to build a pair of speakers myself.

Here some pictures

The 3 drivers are now amped with 3 amps and an active cross-over.
Unfortunately, there is a problem with one of the 3 amps (the one for the high frequencies), it seems to be at the end of its life..

As I was planning to build new enclosures and because I'm having trouble with the amp, I thought why not changing the whole concept of the speakers.

It would be easier to have a 2-way setup (one amp less) and maybe I would make the enclosures less large.

So here is my question:

Instead of the 3 way set-up (eminence delta 15lfa, electrovoice 1823M, jbl 2402), what would be a good alternative that is as good as my present setup or even better?

I would like to have a 2-way setup and an enclosure that is less large (but that gives the same 'punch' as the 15 inches.)

Thank you in advance!

vandevoordekoen 30th December 2012 01:45 PM

I have been looking around for some projects that are 2-way and smaller then my current setup.

Any thoughts about the following setup?

deltalite 2512 II woofer

b&c de250 CD with h290 horn

I'd like to use a closed enclosure in favour of a 'smaller' enclosure
(inspired by this interesting design: Deltalite-12 Kit - Other Models - Waveguide Speaker Kits DIY Sound Group )

It's tuned at 70hz. My current setup is tuned at 50hz.

Or is it stupid to get rid of the 3way set-up with the JBL bullet and the EV midrange?

best regards

Charles Darwin 30th December 2012 05:10 PM

I think you should get better results using a modern compression drive/horn combo than with the EV and the bullet.
Better coverage too, that JBL isn't called bullet for nothing. It emits a very narrow beam and the response drops like a stone above 16k.

Another member here had good experiences with FaitalPro and Beyma costing less than the B&C. I think they were the Faital HF104 and Beyma CD10Fe.
Beyma also do a couple of nice looking cast aluminium horns in the TD164 and 194.

How about two 10"+horn. Would give you nearly as much area as a 15" but the cab would be tall and slim rather then short and squat but you might be able to keep your 50Hz tuning or even better.

Not saying any of this is better than your selections, just throwing it out there to may be think about.

vandevoordekoen 30th December 2012 06:53 PM

Thank you for your reply!
If I'm right, you helped me with the amps too :)

The beyma is sold at a very affordable price, I will look for it!
the Faital Pro HF 104 is sold at twice its price, here I prefer the b&c de250, for the little extra.

About the 10 inch speakers, do you have an idea of drivers that will be at least as good as the 12 inch deltalite, and in the same pricerange (for 2 of them)?

thank you!

Charles Darwin 30th December 2012 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by vandevoordekoen (
About the 10 inch speakers, do you have an idea of drivers that will be at least as good as the 12 inch deltalite, and in the same pricerange (for 2 of them)?

thank you!

And this is where my plan falls apartů

The only 10" I can come up with which costs half as much as a 12"Deltalite is this one:

Inductor 30th December 2012 08:14 PM

vandevoordekoen, I can compare bass extensions for you, if critical and if you are interested. Just mention 2 drivers each time. Like starting with your original eminence delta 15lfa and comparing w.another one. What's the volume of your original enclosure, since you want to downsize.

vandevoordekoen 30th December 2012 10:20 PM

Thank you for the help, sir!

About the 10 inches, your idea is very good, Charles Darwin, but wouldn't it be better to have one very good bass speaker then 2 "considerably good" bass speakers?
I can be content with a little larger enclosure and 1 good 12 inch bass speaker

like this:

instead of fancier tall and slim enclosure that has 2 basses that are not as good as the deltalite because I can't afford them :(

Or am I to enthusiastic about the deltalite? (it's just that you can find so many good reviews about it, as well as for the b&c de250 :))

The only thing against my idea is the higher tuning frequency (about 70hz). But, there are also subwoofers to make, isn't it? ;)

However, your help, Charles Darwin, is very much appreciated ;)

But if you, or anyone else has a better setup in mind for the same price, please feel free to reply and to improve my plans :)

vandevoordekoen 11th January 2013 12:40 PM

It has been a while, but now I have some free time again for my speaker upgrade.
About, the midrange/bullets. I was able to sell the JBL bullets and the EV drivers for a reasonable price which allowed me to buy a pair of B&C de250 speakers. I am very happy with the replacement! The JBL 2370 horns will be replaced with some other horns, maybe Eminence H290, as everybody is so positive about those horns.

I am still thinking about upgrading the bass speakers. After a lot of reading, I found 2 interesting alternatives for my current Eminence Delta 15lfa speakers.

A lot of people seem to be very happy with JBL 2226H speakers. I could buy a pair of those in my region for $300.

Another possibility is to go a little smaller and go for a 12 inch mid-bass. I read that a 12 inch mid-bass is often cleaner (but less low tuning frequency) than a 15 inch speaker.. (but a JBL 2226H owner rejected this).

So here is my question: Go a little smaller with a 12 inch speaker (e.g. deltalite 2512), or go for the 'superior' but still 15 inch JBL 2226h speakers?

Or simply stay with the eminence delta 15 lfa speakers..

Sometimes, those choices are killing me!! :)

Inductor 11th January 2013 04:31 PM


Sometimes, those choices are killing me!!
There's no need for that. More important it's that they sound good.:D

Originally Posted by Inductor (
What's the volume of your original enclosure...

You are not giving important information.;)

vandevoordekoen 11th January 2013 04:42 PM

I'm sorry :)
The volume of the original enclosure is about 114 liters, in cubic feet, that's about 4.0259 cubic feet.

In the meantime, another problem came up. The h290 horns that I ordered seem to be "out of stock" in every webstore I searched! What to do now? Are there good alternatives in the same price range that are available in Europe?

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