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miksin 6th December 2012 09:31 PM

Double front horns for 2 x 8" full ranges?
I'm just considering somethin like this for the two pairs of good 8" full range drivers I have:

...and wihtout treble horn, it's probably not urgently required for me with this driver. I've got a pair of Audax PR130:s here to use if/when requiered, but I think that it will not be so crucial yet.
I'm considering to use WB units with just 1st order PLLXO@80hz or so. That's because of all active line level XO's I've so far tried -with different OB:s- just sucks, more or less.
Another pair of pre amps outputs will feed lows. First thoughts for lows is 15" push-pull arrangement, mostly because of the efficiency of the wb:s/mids/highs will be so prohibitively high, that even high sensitivity 15":s in a box will require some punishment, making no easy living for the box desingner and builder.
I do have a good quality analogue 4th order XO available, and for low end any other XO options are of course applicable, even digital XO, unless the dealy...

Corner positioning is feasible, if not almost desidered option.
Listening distance is 5 metres in listening position 1, and 10 meters in listening position 2, appx, in an appx 50m2 room.

I'm pretty much newbie in horn construction and design, so any thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated.

Main amps available right now are Hiraga's "Le Monstre" for WB:s, and an excellent Kind Audio K18 for lows. Also, different low power SE, chip and tripath amps are plentifully lying around somewhere.
Pre amp is a Klyne System 6 with phono section.

miksin 6th December 2012 09:44 PM

Some TS for the wideband drivers I intend to use:

vas 264
fs 28.26
qms 15.4
qes .221
qts .218
re 10.8
dB 96.3
sd .0305
bI 11.6
cms 2.04 mm/N
mms 15.58g
z min 11.8
z max 764

-courtesy of John Corneille.
Thank you, topogon!

miksin 6th December 2012 09:48 PM

..and graphs. No smoothing applied, voltage .83v. Bruel&Kjaer equipment.

miksin 6th December 2012 10:34 PM

Main issue for me is that does it looks like doable at all to make a (double front) horn to fit that 100 hz-almost 2k low plateau the driver has?

The lower the XO the better. Around 100hz's good enough.

miksin 6th December 2012 11:15 PM

..and the label of the WB driver is " dont ask, dont tell, out of production and not available"= pointless.

norman bates 7th December 2012 09:09 AM

I thought a full range plus sub (12" crossed at 100hz 24db) still sounded garbled.
That is in a house 12' away.

I think you need stronger magnets, otherwise you will only gain "horn loading" up to (FS / Qts) x 2

Then again, people do the oris 150 horns for 8" drivers.
Oris 150 horn lowther full range speakers

Loading down to 100hz, without on the floor would be a huge horn.
Even on the floor, I'd estimate 2' x 2' mouth and 3.7' long (driver to mouth).
I've wanted to try one.

I'd go for a 3-way.

djn 7th December 2012 12:51 PM

They make the same panel but with just one mid driver. I can't remember the product number but I've seen it. Always thought it would make an interesting speaker.

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