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SprockeT1597 28th October 2012 04:16 AM

4 way with Focal drivers
Ive been planning on building these speakers for some years now. I think I bought the first driver around 2001.

Im up at work now, so I dont have the part numbers to hand, but Ive got a pair of Focal tx90x (or something similar) tweeters, a pair of Focal 5K4411 mids. and 2 pairs of 7" Focal kevlar woofers, that I got off ebay. Again I'll have to dig them out of the cupboard and get the part numbers to find specs, but I think they have a sesitivity of 89db, so at the time I figured 2 pairs would be needed to match the level of the tweet/mids.

Then the plan was to also include 12" or 15" subs but I havnt bought any yet.

After spending the last few days looking into Minidsps ive decided to use a 4x10 as an active crossover, as its seems alot easier to fiddle with that, then design a passive crossover.

Also im thinking that I might not need to use both pairs of woofers, as I could adjust levels?

so rather than just building one box, Im going to build it modular (at least for testing). So have the tweet/mid in one box, each woofer in thheir own box, and subs. Then when im happy with the design, build one proper box.

many years ago I saw speakers that had the subs in the bottom, but firing out the side rather than the front. I liked the look of it. but after reading various websites I get the impression a seperate sub that can be moved around would be better?

Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated! :)


(putting this in here so i dont forget: "Ideally at the crossover point drivers should be less than a 1/2 wavelength centre-to-centre" closest tweet/mid can be mounted is 116mm so xover has to be 1493hz or lower)

Scott L 28th October 2012 01:48 PM

I like the idea of leaving it in a modular fashion. Your liable to "bite the speaker building bug" and it will be a lot easier to make changes along the way. Go ahead and use both pairs of 7's for your mid-bass, you'll be glad you did.

SprockeT1597 29th October 2012 01:06 AM

Yeah your right, and besides Ive got them, may as well use them.

Done some calcs on the mid/tweeter box. The mid needs a sealed volume of 1.983L. It means that the front baffle has to be bigger than the box. (so i'll probably just knock it up with nothing behind the tweeter. is there a minimum distance I should keep the tweeter from the edge of the baffle?

SprockeT1597 29th October 2012 04:32 AM

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This iswhat im thinking of for the mid/tweet box today. I know the woofers boxes arnt big enough, was just getting an idea of overall width.

SprockeT1597 30th October 2012 12:27 PM

turns out I have tc120td5 tweeters and 8k5412 8 inch woofers

sensitity are : tweeter: 93.5db
mid 91db
woofer 90db

plus I have noticed the woofers have deformed a bit from when they were in storage. the speaker cone was pushed in, so the spider dosnt sit level with the magment.

tested one, and it still seems to work, but I think I will have to use both pairs

SprockeT1597 3rd November 2012 08:56 AM

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Quite proud of my efforts so far, even though it is rough as guts, but then I am a sparky, not a chippie.

SprockeT1597 11th November 2012 10:12 AM

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what i have in mind

wintermute 11th November 2012 12:00 PM

Looks good sprocket :) My first post here on diyAudio was asking about using the focal 6W4311 in a three way. It was to be my first design :) In the end I chickened out because of possible difficulties with the crossover that the W cone focals were renowned for. That was in 2003 (so a couple of years later than you started). I ended up buying morel drivers in I think 2004, and I finally got the enclosures finished in 2010. I got the crossovers right about a year ago and have been enjoying them ever since. So I can relate to projects that seem to have been going forever ;)

Looking again at the manufacturers response curve (for the 6W4311) it looks really benign.... and if it matches that in reality it is probably easier to deal with than my final choice Morel MW 144's which is pretty ironic ;)


SprockeT1597 11th November 2012 02:44 PM

I think the crossover intimidated me too, which is why I kept putting it off. I thought I would have to do a lot of research on crossover design if I was to have any chance of getting it sort of ok.

After hearing about minidsp a few weeks ago, I figured that would be perfect for me... easy to make changes and tweaks.

Although Im going to start with a soundblaster Audigy card and kx drivers seeing as I already have one. Also trying to get a old 6.1 receiver off ebay, and was thinking about digging out a couple of Alpine type-r subs ive got. Just to get it started

SprockeT1597 18th November 2012 02:52 PM

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Some more progress, hoping to crack into stereo tomorrow...

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