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ilitig8 9th October 2012 10:51 PM

Recommend a hi-end 2 way kit
This will be my first (non-sub) build and I want to build a set of 2 ways for 2 channel listening in my HT room. The HT room is full of older Klipsch horns and although I love them for HT they don't fit my ears for 2 channel.

The room is 14x23x12 and has resonably good treatment and acoustics, if anything it is a little on the dead side with a low RT60. The speakers will be set 3 feet in front of an acousticly transparent screen and wall a total of 6 feet from the rear wall. The primary listening position will be about 7 feet from the speaker baffles. The electronics are somewhat open as I will experiment with gear I have, Bryston, Carver, Parasound, Adcom etc. It will be solid state and it I have several amps cabable of driving difficult loads so impedence is not an issue nor is sensitivity. The front end will be fed with various streaming signals and probably a Oppo Bluray/CD.

My music tastes are varied from classical (mainly full orchestra), blues men, reggae, classic (60-70s) rock etc.

SPL requirements are in the mid-90s max.

I will be running a sub, likely a sealed Rythmik 12" driver and their 370w servo amp. I plan to run a single between the mains and cross between 60 and 80Hz, I could go with a pair under or right beside the mains if I need to cross higher. I will be using a Behringer 2496 to EQ the sub.

My #1 desire is imaging (think Totem) and I prefer a forward soundstage. I like a speaker that has extended highs with a high breakup. I like my lows and lower mids to be flat, no English warmth. If anything I like my highs to be a little on the hot side (B&W/Paradigm). If I were to specifiy a commercial speaker that works well for my ears and size requirements it would be the B&W 805D. In the end an analytical speaker with holographic imaging is right in my wheelhouse. I want something that is full kit (sans wood).

The speaker can be a standmount ot a narrow baffle floor stander.

The woodworking side is where I feel 100% comfortable, I am in the process of building a new 1600sq ft wood shop with ALL the major machines and I can build anything from a Newport highboy to a Maloof rocker. I have the ability to cut veneer and have a large vacuum pressing system and HVLP for finishing so no worrys on that side at all.

My budget is around $1500 for drivers and XO.

I have been looking at the Zaph ZRT and the three Madisound high end mini-moniters using Morel, Seas and Scan drivers as well.

Hopefully I have given enough info to start the discussion.

What say you?

RockLeeEV 9th October 2012 11:28 PM

Invictus / Pr.

_henry_ 10th October 2012 12:22 AM

with that criteria, it should be based on ACCUTON, and possibly Fountek Ribbon.

have a read about this, although its 3way, i believe u can use it for 2way and omit the highpass network on the mids.

Jim Griffin 10th October 2012 01:14 AM

Jordan with a Ribbon MLTL
A DIY design that has met the test of time is my Jordan with a Ribbon MLTL design. It uses the Jordan JX92S crossed over to the Aurum Cantus G2si tweeter. While not a kit, others have duplicated this design as you can read in a few threads that I have listed below. You'll be very pleased.

I can address any details if you have questions.


_henry_ 10th October 2012 01:15 AM

will the new jx92s fits?

Jim Griffin 10th October 2012 01:38 AM

The currently available JX92S will fit. That includes the EAD E100 version (Sweden made unit).

Ted Jordan's new design comes out this fall so that unit is TBD at this point.

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