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bwaslo 17th September 2012 02:40 AM

Have the DIY Synergy speakers doing (almost) linear phase
For anyone following the various DIY Synergy or Unity builds, or planning to build one, I've worked out a revised crossover on mine that gets it pretty close to linear phase (comparable to the Quad esl63 phase plots I've seen). With some help from Tom Danley, who also worked out an active crossover to get linear phase for the same speaker (I haven't been able to try that yet, but plan to in the near future). Thanks Tom for the crossover, and for the whole Synergy idea. Doesn't get much better than this.

Details at --
DIY Synergy/Unity spreadsheet

natehansen66 17th September 2012 10:10 PM

Cool! I was just thinking about this yesterday, how I'm going to do the crossovers once I get my mids in and get a linear phase response. Or at least close to it.

pos 18th September 2012 09:16 AM

Very impressive!
Could you please explain your approach? :magnify:

Pano 18th September 2012 01:13 PM

Nicely done, Bill! :up:

bwaslo 18th September 2012 01:35 PM

Thanks guys. There is also a Youtube video of squarewave responses at coSyne DIY Synergy horn reproducing square waves.. sort of - YouTube

Concerning my approach: modeled in PCD, adjusted common delay to all drivers to get phase curve to be flatest on tweeter (after cd compensation applied). Set up polarities of drivers to get phases as near 0 degrees as possible. combine with low order filters outside of natural rolloffs, multiple sections when needed to get delay. Much driver overlap needed and a fortunate arrangement of driver depth offsets (synergy layout tends to make that more likely, there was luck in my case). Tom has a more methodical process described in his Unity patent. I mostly went trial-and-error watching response mag and phase while adjusting things in PCD.

Pano 18th September 2012 01:40 PM

Has Tom seen this yet? Oh, I guess he has, he helped on the crossover!
I'll see Tom next week, we'll chat about it. Nice documentation over on the other forum.

thirdman 4th December 2012 02:18 AM

Could a SH50 design work using a Beyma TPL150 AMT as the tweeter or does it not work like a compression driver in the horn throat to achieve constant directivity?

thirdman 4th December 2012 04:25 PM

Any body know it the Beyma TPL150, an AMT tweeter, would work properly in a Danley Sound Synergy horn? Will the AMT "load" the horn properly like a compression driver? Will a waveguide control directivity on the AMT in the same way it does in a waveguide?


SEdwards 4th December 2012 05:33 PM

I think that it should work a treat. After all Beyma horn loads it. I want to try an AMT Synergy horn as well.

The surface area might need to be reduced a little bit for uniform polars.

grec13 5th December 2012 06:05 AM

I'll be next to try ribbon Synergy and I just received the 12 Celestion drivers and pair of Akiplab 100db proribbons

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