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davidel94 8th September 2012 06:57 AM

loudspeaker enclosure design
hi I want to put these two loudspeaker into one box
the tweeter HT-22/8
and the woofer
In my design every loudspeaker has its own amplifier which means that the music signal goes through an electronic active crossover of the 2nd order, where the frequency band is splitted in two bands one from 20 hz to 2.5 khz for the woofer, the other from 2.5 khz to 20 khz for the tweeter. now what book or free software can i use to model the dimension of the enclosure considering that both the loudspeaker are inside the same enclosure?

Moondog55 8th September 2012 07:23 AM

There is simply not enough information there to design a proper box for that driver, important parameters are missing.
You need Vas, Qms and Qes for you to work out the volume of the box.
To me it looks like a reasonably efficient midrange to go with a huge woofer.

picowallspeaker 8th September 2012 07:27 AM

Hi ,
you probably need a waveguide for that cone tweeter , as it
may help a transition-less dispersion characteristic
at crossover frequency . Can you find some 6-7" unused speakers ?
Also doubling the amplifiers is quite unuseful , since the tweeter absorbs
very little energy .
Apart from this , the woofer has a stiff suspension and it's rated at 4Ω .
That don't mean nothing :D
The tweeter is closed on the back so the problem if put in the same
enclosure is leakage from the mounting hole .
Don't know of any good online program to calculate the box
because it simply is not possible to do that without knowing
the specific driver ( and the programs use the Thiele / Small parameters of the
speaker to do it , which are not present on the Coral paper you produced ... not that they are essential for a car product , intended to be mounted in a leaky environment )

davidel94 8th September 2012 07:47 AM

thanks i've asked the two companies i hope the will give me those parameters

picowallspeaker 8th September 2012 08:02 AM

For the tweeter they are useless because it has already a 'chamber' behind the membrane .
Also for the woofer . Main reason for the existence of the enclosure is
to separate the front emission from the back emission .
It can also control the movement of the cone , like in pneumatic suspension (closed box )where the air acts like a spring , or in bass reflex where the resonance of the air inside is used to contribute to woofer's emission , trough a duct .

davidel94 9th September 2012 02:26 PM

so the fact that the tweeter has a chamber behind the membrane means that it doesn't have back emission? if so can i consider the enclosure as if there is only the woofer inside it? the woofer doesn't have a chamber behind the membrane so it has a back emission right?

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