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yoannblain 2nd March 2012 12:54 AM

super diy b&w nautillus with celestion ditton662!!!
Hi guys! I'm starting an awsome project!! I will build my own nautillus-design speakers from some celestion ditton 662 drivers! I will keep all the originals drivers but the passive woofer will be replaced by an active one. And for sure all the way active crossover!!:D those monster should weight about 350 pounds and mesure 60``tall, 35``deep and 20``wide

dabbler 2nd March 2012 05:35 AM


pinkmouse 2nd March 2012 07:49 AM

Why not? :)

dabbler 2nd March 2012 09:07 AM

Maybe im getting old and jaded but I can think of alot of reasons why not :)

Yoannblain, will you be measuring the celestions before driverectomy? If not, perhaps consider leaving the passive crossover between the drivers for simplicity?

yoannblain 2nd March 2012 09:54 AM

okkaayy.. I did not consider this for the moment, but I calculated the cabinet volume for my celestions and my nautilus plan. I'll have proximately 2x the air volume in the nautilus,(the reason I'd put two active woofer instead of an active an a passive.. I'm not very experimented With speaker setting, I understand very well how the nautilus work and why they have this shape.. but I still have so much to learn in audio and electronics, every night I go make my ¨studies¨ on hi-fi, I read a lot on the subject so I can learn more and more but still.. I'm just a 20 year old student in composites materials who recently fall in love with hi fi audio :D so for the cabinet construction I'll have no problems! but for the rest I'll probably need some advice! lets start with this; what's a driverectomy? is it the speaker's reasonnance??

picowallspeaker 2nd March 2012 10:37 AM

Re.'what's a driverectomy?'
It's just the separation of the loudspeakers from the cabinet

Nice project :yummy:

dabbler 2nd March 2012 11:09 AM

You could run the 2 new woofers actively and leave the passive crossover on the mid and tweeter.

If you are set on going active I would recommend a miniDSP and a couple of cheap drivers and small cabinet to play around with rather than mutilating that nice vintage celestion. That way you can read and experiment at the same time. But thats just my opinion.

yoannblain 2nd March 2012 01:44 PM

yeahh 1! I was thinking of this to, I would let the passive crossover for tweeter and mid. :D and don't worry for my ditton 662, the are in perfect shape and every pieces will stay in perfect condition, will make a nice and clean extern box for the passive xover;) If i want, I will be able to build my celestion like before in 30 min! that's it!

sreten 2nd March 2012 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by pinkmouse (
Why not? :)


Because it does appear to be very misguided. As a "plan"
it really doesn't have anything going for it that I can see.

You can't "nautilise" the bass, midrange or treble.

I've no idea what the actual idea is, but huge 5ft x 3ft x 2ft
boxes for a 12" + ABR seems very wrong. Wny ? What for ?

You can't just chuck in another 12" and dump the ABR
and expect to be able to crossover to the mid easily.

Walk before you can run, or try doing a half marathon.
The ambition level here to me indicates a tenuous grasp
of fundamental loudspeaker design issues / consequences.

The 662's are best left as is, could be tweaked / improved,
but vintage drivers are not a good choice for a new project.

rgds, sreten.

yoannblain 2nd March 2012 03:34 PM

it's not a box at all, and why should newer drivers be better than the ones on my celestions? and I'm not sure I will be able to find some as good in my budjet..

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