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Lach O'Sullivan 13th September 2003 01:33 PM

Passive Radiator system with 2x10 inch and 1x15 inch
hey everyone,

i am trying to decide between a ported enclosure (looks cool) or a passive radiator system (look much much cooler :P).

ive designed a ported enclosure in autocad using Winisd, but i cant find anything thats as newbie friendly as Winisd with Vented enclosures.

id like to know before i even begin on my journey of creating a passive radiator system whether i should even try?

specs for the 10 inch are:

-Nominal impedance: 4 ohms (both 8ohm coils in parallel)
-Power rating: 200WRMS (total for both coils at 4ohm)
-Sensitivity at 1W@1m: 87.31dB
-Voice coil resistance (Re): 3.5 ohms
-Resonant frequency (Fs): 24.38 hz
-Mechanical Q factor (Qms): 2.639
-Electrical Q factor (Qes): .337
-Total Q factor (Qts): .299
-Equivalent volume (Vas): 73.19Lt
-Cone Area: 0.0346 sq meter
-Voice Coil Diameter: 50mm
-Xmax: 10.5mm
Speaker dimensions: A 260, B 246, C 240

Specs for the 15inch:

Nominal impedance: 4 Ohms
Power rating: 250WRMS
Sensitivity at 1W@1m: 88.48dB
Voice coil resistance (Re): 3.5
Resonant frequency (Fs): 25.65
Mechanical Q factor (Qms): 3.552
Electrical Q factor (Qms): 0.578
Total Q factor (Qts): 0.497
Equivalent volume (Vas): 150.7Lt
Voice coil diameter: 65.5mm
X max: 5mm
Magnet diameter: 156mm
Magnet height: 40mm

Im only just beginning to take an interest in this type of system so please forgive me for my almost entire lack of knowledge about these :(


roddyama 13th September 2003 02:58 PM


It's not clear whether you want to chose between 2 - 10" vs the 15", or 2 - 10" and a 15" in a ported box vs a PR, all 4 combinations vs each other.

Lach O'Sullivan 13th September 2003 03:02 PM

sorry for not making clear :S

im trying to decide whether i should try out a enclosure that has 2 active subs and one passive radiator.

the 2 active subs being the two 10inches and the P.R being the 15 inch sub.

i wanto make this for home theatre/musical applications.
In another thread i just read that 'you shouldnt mention pr to the home theatre forums cause theyll go on and on'

Does P.R work well in anyones opinion in the home theatre and music areas?

roddyama 13th September 2003 04:29 PM

The only problem with PRs is that they are more difficult to implement correctly. A vented enclosure is much easier and more forgiving. Your situation is made more difficult by the fact that you are not starting with a PR but an actual driver. In the hands of a more experienced person then myself, that PR/driver could add a lot of flexibility to what could be done in the way of tuning. Passive circuits can be added to the 15 driver to produce all sorts of results.

In any case, it will be much easier for you to get good results with a ported alignment. The PR would have the advantage over the port in that it will eliminate the port noise issue (which may not be a big issue), will provide a little bass extension (very little), and can provide more design flexibility (in your case using an actual driver and external circuits).

IMO, once you have the driver(s) selected (which you do), there is no real difference between a HT woofer and a music woofer.

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