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sthomas1049 5th December 2011 04:20 PM

B&W P6 Tweeter replacement
I have a pair of B&W P6ís with damaged tweeters. Apparently itís common for the ferro fluid to thicken up over time to the point where the tweeters no longer work. Never heard of this before but this looks to be the case for my pair.

The speakers are long past warranty but B&W does have replacement parts. However at $135.00 US per single unit, plus shipping and duty Iím looking at $300+ to repair. Given that I only paid $700 for the speakers back in the late 90ís (got them used) thatís a bit of a hard pill to swallow.

So my question is, has anyone successfully replaced the tweeter on a P6 with something other than B&W parts?


sthomas1049 5th December 2011 05:54 PM

I just noticed this is perhaps in the wrong forum.

Can a moderator please move this to the multi-way forum?


lduarte1973 5th December 2011 06:30 PM

see this tread , ask goudey what tweeter he used to replace bw cdm 1 se , itīs the same of your P6


Originally Posted by goudey (
I also use a pair of B&W CDM 1 SE. For me a great improvement came about from disconnecting the internal tweeter and placing a ribbon tweeter on top, with its own crossover. I don't think replacing wires could make the same degree of improvement that the new tweeter did.

sreten 6th December 2011 06:42 PM


These will get them working, and look the part, but how well who knows ? :
HiVi TN28 Fabric Dome Tweeter 297-409

Zaph didn't like them much, Zaph|Audio
but perhaps that is because of the very wide dispersion lower down dropping
output and increasing distortion, they do need crossing 3KHz or higher,
which should be the case with the B&W's, traditionally c/o high.

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet with the choices available.
The hiccup around 7/8KHz isn't terrible, just shouldn't be there.

rgds, sreten.
Response mounted on top of a cabinet, some internal tweaking around 2KHz.
Solid 90dB+ sensitivity, and flat given the unusual mounting arrangements.

soundaddic 2nd January 2012 05:34 PM

I just replaced a (one) tweeter for my B&W cdm-7SE with Vifa OC25SC65-04 its spec very close to original B&W tweeter part# ZZ03123. It s fit nicely with some mod. Sound very similar after a week break in compare to another speaker that still an original tweeter and nicer thing : it cost only $10 each from Part Express

system7 2nd January 2012 06:11 PM

Dried up ferrofluid in tweeters is very common. It's only oil, iron oxide particles and a binding agent. It evaporates after 10-15 years leaving thick gunge!

I stripped mine out on ancient Monitor Audio R300. I may replace it as an experiment, since it ought to damp the sound a bit. About £10 a bottle. Evidently, you fill 3/4 of the gap, then when you refit the voice-coil, it's about right. Most tweeters disassemble easily enough. Most of them, like Morel, can take a replacement voice-coil anyway.

Troels Gravesen removes it as a matter of course when building speakers in this picture guide:
Vifa C17WH-

In the last resort, replacement tweeters are usually standard sizes. You match impedance like 8 ohm, sensitivity like 90dB or whatever the speaker is and find one the same size face plate and cutout hole. Not hard. :D

pinkmouse 2nd January 2012 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by system7 (
Dried up ferrofluid in tweeters is very common. It's only oil, iron oxide particles and a binding agent. It evaporates after 10-15 years leaving thick gunge!

Yup. If you can strip the tweeter down to get the diaphragm and any plastic parts off, then a soak in petrol or commercial degreasing solvent should clear the gap. Wipe the VC gently with a cotton bud in petrol to clean that up, then reassemble. Ebay should sort you out for some new ferrofluid.

konradbanaszewski 21st April 2016 01:39 PM

B&W tweeter replacement - very easy
I am a specialist with B&W. Basically, it is a very easy task to fix any tweeter. If you know how to use screwdriver and basic soldering I CAN DO IT. All B&W tweeters they have 26mm (inside) voice coil. There are only 2 different voice coils. 1 with foam ring 2 without it. Voice coil with diaphragm they are available on my eBay shop and they send worldwide. trueprices | eBay

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