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PeteMcK 1st September 2011 11:11 PM

Wavecor 6.5" WF160WA02
Just ordered a couple of these:
6.25" - 4 Ohm - Ferrite - WF160WA02

Their siblings seem to test well in all reviews I've seen, & they seem to be good value at AUD 50 each. If anyone in the Sydney region has distortion measuring capabilities & the time to test these I'm willing to subject them to the rack.

PeteMcK 6th September 2011 01:59 AM

received these today, quick service from Soundlabs.
They're very well packaged, with their own box & foam inserts - better than the Seas drivers I received recently!
The frame rings quite strongly (I was too tight to buy the cast frame version), so that'll need some attention, otherwise look well made... listening & TS tests this weekend

PeteMcK 6th September 2011 09:40 AM

initial measurements, both drivers similar: Fs 59, Vas 11 L, Qm 9.5, Qe .6 Qt .56
published, Fs 48, Vas 25.5, Qm 7, Qe .46 Qt .42

PeteMcK 11th September 2011 10:35 PM

after initial reservations - they look puny beside an ER18RNX, smaller magnet & overall size, after listening, they can pump some serious bass.... they don't have the forward character of the SEAS, just good solid low end. (I think I was lucky in that my 36L test cabs are ~ the right size for these drivers). These would be great for rock music,two per side would probably be awesome. Have yet to listen to them run full range.

jerome69 12th September 2011 06:38 AM

I follow your monologue since a while :D
But I'm interesting in these wavecor drivers. Can you give some precision ?
What do you think the bass (already described ), the mid bas, the upper mid, and the treble ? Do think it is a well balance driver ?

For example, i know well the ER18RNX, i can say that, in a BR box the bass is tight and goes low. I tried a TL, it was not a success, Qt was too low.
The mid bass is fantastic, the best I've heard after the magnesium cone, very clean and with good transient. This driver could be an excellent midbass, John k.'s Nao note uses them in this range.
Things becomes wrong in the upper mid and treble, too bright, almost aggressive, not very clear sound, miss a little sweetness ... The balance of the overall sound of this driver is too bright.

PeteMcK 12th September 2011 11:13 AM

Bon soir Jerome, I don't know about precision, but only my impressions... the solid low end is the outstanding feature of these drivers in this 36L box tuned to ~ 40Hz. It doesn't go super low like for example my 10" Peerless, but from 40Hz up is excellent. Mid bass is good too. Vocals have only a slight loss of highs, but the high end must fall off rapidly, no cymbals. The coating on the paper seems to act a bit like polypropylene. Paired with a good tweeter, they'd probably make a good 2 way. My initial idea was to make a 2.5 way using either these or the 5" version, (but I got side-tracked when I bought the Er18RNX). But the quantity of bass may mean that BSC would only need to be minimal. My next step is to build 20L boxes for the ER18s & see if they work well together with the Wavecors. What size box did you use?

jerome69 12th September 2011 12:32 PM

Bonsoir Pete, (for me -8H time difference to Sydney)

Thanks for the feedback.

I used 2 x ER18NX 33L@43Hz. Crossover frequency 2.6kHz LR4. The tweeter is the monacor DT300+Waveguide. For one woofer, 20L@43Hz is a good choice

alspe 12th September 2011 06:45 PM

What specialities these have against Seas for example?

jerome69 12th September 2011 07:59 PM

You talk about wavecor ?

I don't think the WF160WA02 is the same class of driver than the ER18.
Good sounding paper cone are not an easy task. See Scanspeak cone or Nextel cone ...
The wavecor could be a more easy driver to listen...

Edit : Wavecor has a new range of 7" driver nomex cone and paper cone with a new basket. They seem to be serious challengers to the ER18.

Perless sems to have drivers in the same category but the ER18 is a top class driver in the bass and the midbass. Perhaps some alu drivers can do as good (835025) .

PeteMcK 12th September 2011 08:35 PM

I agree, the Wavecor are good, but not in the same class as the ER18.
- but they're cheap here, and seem to be an easy driver to crossover. (I don't think the 7" is available here)

Thanks for the info on your boxes Jerome, the size & tuning is right on what I was thinking. My plan is to do a 'no BSC' crossover, probably series, for the Seas drivers and add a .5 woofer, which will be the Wavecor initially, just to see if it can keep up. But I suspect I may need someting bigger & better - like Troel's new Janzen design...

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