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jeffreybehr 26th January 2011 09:21 PM

My Audio Physic Avanti IIIs have a lower-MR driver that covers 200 - 500Hz...
...and a virtually identical MR driver that covers the more-normal range of 200 - c. 2500Hz. These 2 drivers are driven by separate sections of the x-over, of course. In improving the sounds of the speakers--and boy have I ever!--I've removed both sets of 200Hz-MR-hi-pass caps from the boards and replaced them with smaller coupling caps in my poweramps. I chose a filter point of a bit below 100Hz to warm the sound of the system, and so far it works very well. I don't play the system to ear-numbing levels, so the MR-hi-pass filter point that's more than one octave lower is quite safe.

I'll soon be receiving a pair of Monaychy Audio SM70 Pro poweramps and plan to vertically biamp these 2 drivers (they're already wired to be able to do that). That way I'll get the same amount of total power from the four channels of the 25WPC-into-8 SM70Ps that I'm getting from the two channels of a pair of 50-into-8 Marantz M-22 monoamps.

FINALLY the 'question'. I'm thinking about choosing two different MR-hi-pass filter points for the 2 drivers, say c. 50Hz for the lower-MR driver and c. 100Hz for the MR driver, mainly for increased power handling/driver safety. That way the lower-frequency driver would carry the 3-1/4 octaves from 50 - 500Hz while the other would carry the 5-1/2 octaves from 100 - 2.5KHz. What do you think? Would there be cancellation effects in the 50 - 100Hz range because of the 2 different filter points?

BTW this is NOT a D'Appolito (sp?) or other MTM configuration.

BTW2. The tweeter pad increased the quality of the treble substantially on the Avantis and also on a VonSchweikert Visiun; I highly recommend them.

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