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Brett D. 22nd July 2003 05:48 AM

Line Array's, What do you think of this design?
Hey all,

I just wanted to share the info with you and get your opinions. I
want a set of LA's I have for some time now. I didn't want an LA
with wideband drivers and I didn't want a super cheap LA using
real cheap drivers. I wanted something I could build and keep in
my home for the rest of my life.. (Tall Order, I know..)

So I had surfed the net and checked out all of the various LA kits
offered by some of the established DIY companies. The prices
were reasonable but more than I wanted to spend I guess.

Then I began talking with John Janowitz and Stryke Audio. John
had been playing with LA's for a while and had a Di Pole pair
using his RTW2 Ribbon Tweeter and his SA071 Midranges. I guess
I pushed the right buttons because soon therafter be began work
on the BiPole LA's using the same drivers. Right now he is in the
design phase of the sealed and vented setup.

I am sold!

I am ordering the drivers shortly and I am also going to have
John CNC Route the Baffels for me on his wicked CNC Router and
ship them. I could do the baffels but 48 holes is nuts to do by
hand :)

Check out the whole build process at John's forums:

What do you think?

I think they are going to be one neat project :nod:

Rarkov 22nd July 2003 11:21 AM

Absolutly beautiful workmanship!
I hope when you build them - they sound as good a they look!


7V 22nd July 2003 11:35 AM

It seems to be a well thought out design and it's probably a good idea to get the baffles CNC routed.

I'll bet it's going to sound great and, if you can make it look as good as it sounds, you'll have a fabulous pair of speakers.

The only problem is that if you keep them for ever you won't build new speakers. What will you do for aggravation? :)

Jim Griffin 22nd July 2003 12:31 PM


I know you are anxious to start building a line array but I caution you to wait and hear John's array or any other that you might consider. While the Stryke Audio array may be the right choice for you, there is a lot more to an array than just building the enclosure. The overall soundness of the concept, the quality of the drivers, and especially the crossover implementation will make the sound that you hear a pleasant experience or not. After all of the trouble to build an array--especially one as complex as John's array--you really will want to yield an exceptional sounding result for your efforts.

Bottom line: It would be worth the trip so that you could hear any array that you would consider building.


thylantyr 22nd July 2003 04:11 PM

Here's another crazy idea. You can build or buy a system
like that.. which I consider entry level line array.. You may
love it, if not you can always sell it and scale up again
and try other designs.


Brett D. 22nd July 2003 09:03 PM


Yep I just hope I can finish them good enough to do the quality
of the enclosures justice.


Keeping them forever is one thing.. But that's not to say I won't
build something else also :) It's always a good idea to have as
many sets of speakers as you can fit in the house :)

The CNC Baffels are certainly the way to go. It's not that I can't
do the baffels my self but when you are doing 48 holes the risk
of a screw up is too great.. One slip and a whole baffel is junk.

I will stick with the CNC'd baffels because they are perfect from
piece to piece no major variances.

I am confident they will sound better than they look :)


I appreciate your concern but I am sure the sound will be to my
liking. If I was spending 2K to build these I would think more
about going to audition them.. They are going to cost $1000.00
for all the drivers and CNC Routed Baffels and the XO parts won't
be too bad (depends on what parts I use..) I know the drivers
are quality units. If they wern't you wouldn't use the tweeters in
your Linus would you??? The Mids are every bit as good as the
Ribbons. As far as Crossover John knows what he's doing and
he has the right tools to do the measurements. He will be testing
and measuring the final results at 1M 3M 6M etc.. On and Off

I have dealt with John for a while now and he's never let me
down on any product I have purchased. He is truly a DIY'r like the
rest of us and this is as much his project as anyone's.. He's
wanted to do a set of Bipole LA's for quite some time now.. He's
also had DiPole LA's using the same drivers, in his room for the
past year or so.

I am sure that I will be pleased and I appreciate your good advice.


Starting off small is great advice for anyone.. I am not one to
start off with a smaller project though, always been that way! :nod:

If for some chance they didn't "do it" for me I am certain I could
sell them if I choose to do that. It's highly unlikely that will
happen though.

Thank you all for your comments! Keep them comming :)

Brett D. 23rd July 2003 05:08 AM


I would like to hear everybody's finishing ideas..

I like the "tech" modern look and was considering finishing of the
back and sides in WilsonArt Piano Black and doing the baffel in
WilsonArt Metalinates "Brushed" Aluminum.

The bases will be finished in WilsonArt Rose Granite.

thylantyr 23rd July 2003 07:30 AM


Originally posted by Brett D.

I would like to hear everybody's finishing ideas..

I like the "tech" modern look and was considering finishing of the
back and sides in WilsonArt Piano Black and doing the baffel in
WilsonArt Metalinates "Brushed" Aluminum.

The bases will be finished in WilsonArt Rose Granite.

My speaker project has been in the werks
for 3 years -- due to lack of funds --
but it's a crazy idea .. My thoughs on
finishing the beast was also a piano black finish with 1/4" thick aluminum "faceplate"
that is chromed -- that slaps on the front baffle with rear mounted grill cloth (rear of faceplate) -- to be sorta
different. A crazy vision I have.

I collected unsorted data on how to accomplish
the piano black finish, but I haven't
sorted thru the mess and made any
sense of it...

I get so many mixed opinions
depending on level of complexity.

You have some people who just
primer the MDF, focus on sealing the
edges (ranging from watered down
yellow glue to other ideas) and just
use canned spray paint. This is the
typical DIY response. Plus various
levels of sanding...

Then you have the woodworker who
wants to use HVLP and exotic paints
and exotic recipes and 100 different grits of sanding.

Then you have the car audio fabricators
who build systems all day as a career,
keep in mind building boxes that have
to stand up to temperature variations
and they prefer to use automotive
paints/primers.. primer a few coats
in the morning, spray gun in the afternoon... done... Wet sanding
included in the process. The unexperienced car audio fabricator
will try to coat the MDF with fiberglas
or Bondo thinking that this step is needed, but apparently it isn't...

Then you have the person who hates
all these methods because over time,
the MDF breathes and the finish starts to crack -- the trick is to completely
seal the MDF prior to paint and this
process involves esoteric ideas that
may be toxic - hehe

Jeff Jewitt send me a recipe for
my desired finish using products
on his website.

I think what needs to be done is....
cut some scrap pieces and spend a
month experimenting with different
recipes to see for yourself...

I think I might just get some car
paint primer, maybe even a spray
can.. apply, sand, apply sand ... repeat
until you have the results you want -- then send out the box to the auto
paint shop -- because no matter
how careful you are, the thing that
kills you is the dust that falls on
the cool paint job - ruined....

Brett D. 23rd July 2003 07:38 AM

Finishing with paints is not a problem I have many years working
with Laquers and Enamels so if I were to spray them I would get
myself some good old fashioned Laquer or a good Base Coat
Clear Coat.

But I am thinking of using WilsonArt's "Piano Black" Laminate. It
is a high gloss black thin laminate used on cabinetry and counters
and such. It should wrap around the rounded edges with no
problem and cutting the material is fairly straight forward.

I am not set in stone on any finish though and I may change my
mind a million times before I get to the building stage. I really
appreciate the link and information!

Burled Oak would be nice too.. I am not real big on "wood" and
the wood's I like are all Figured or Burls or Exotics.... $$$$$$$$

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