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ramiro77 24th December 2010 01:35 AM

Peerless 830875 in sealed box
Hello everyone. Recently, I built the enclosures for a pair of Peerless 830875, which are vented.
I was looking through the various threads of another web site, when I met a person who says these midwoofers Are Made for sealed box, and could provide a similar amount of bass than a vented box.
What do you think about that? The EBP for 830875 is 100, and I never saw it used in a sealed box.
I use subwoofers in my system, so I raise my doubts, since the ideal is to achieve the lowest group delay, but I also like the peerless deliver some bass...

infinia 24th December 2010 02:04 AM

These drivers could be used for either, since its Qts is around 0.4. Remember using a passive crossover you must account for an increase in Q due to the resistive loss of a series inductor. Since you use a sub I would agree that a closed box mid bass allows easier integration with your sub response in a room, in turn giving more power handling for the mid bass with lower order filters. So in the end it comes down to the crossover design and final box tuning to acheive a given target response in your room.

ramiro77 24th December 2010 02:12 AM

I use an active crossover. And I do not always use the subwoofers. So I wanted to know if they will deliver good bass despite achieving an F3 of around 80hz, but the slope is 12db, whereas in bass reflex is 24db...

Thank you for your prompt response. And happy holidays!

infinia 24th December 2010 02:22 AM

IMO mostly booming bass in a small room, with higher distortion at levels exceding the Xmax, which is easy to do on most program material without a well placed steep highpass.

ramiro77 24th December 2010 02:36 AM

But with that you're referring to sealed or vented enclosures? I guess you're referring to vented. I wondered only if a sealed enclosure with an F3 of 80hz but with less roll off at low frequencies would give me good bass, even without using the subwoofer (you only have to be able to hear something from 55-60hz).

ramiro77 25th December 2010 06:14 PM

Nobody else?

18Hurts 25th December 2010 06:51 PM

Depends on what you define as "good bass"

For smallish woofers that will be driven full range, I prefer to use sealed since that helps prevent massive distortion under the tuned frequency. The roll off starts earlier but gently rolls down so can be "EQ'ed" a touch when used at low volumes.

Madisound has them listed as both--here is the sealed parameters:

Sealed box of 8 liters (0.28cf); F3 of 85Hz

A very small box for a 6.5 so if you are running a larger box, your F3 will continue to fall. The Fs for the Peerless is 48 Hz so pack that box with stuffing and see what happens. If you already have a ported box, plug the port and throw some acousti-stuff in the box and give it a listen.

ramiro77 26th December 2010 10:04 AM

With good bass I make reference to something that it accompanies. I do not looking for incredible low. Just something that allows me to enjoy, for example, a good jazz in a fairly decent way without an urgent need for a subwoofer. To me is enough that I can hear the range of 55-65Hz, but as I said before, without arriving at anything extreme. For something extreme, I have two 15 inch subwoofers in a sealed box.

In a sealed box of 8 liters, the F3 is 80hz, not 85hz. This is a detail, but everything counts :)

sreten 26th December 2010 04:33 PM


For full range a 14L box tuned to 40Hz looks pretty good to me.

rgds, sreten.

DualTriode 26th December 2010 07:23 PM

:snowman2: Hello,
I will jump in with an opinion.
Bass from a 6 inch mid woofer will always be a compromise. Sealed has pros and cons.
Tuned reflex has pros and cons.
Just for grins here is a rule of thumb, tuned reflex tend to be double the size of sealed.
I prefer the cleaner sound of sealed. Add a real woofer if you want real bass.

Suggested box alignments:
Sealed box of 8 liters (0.28cf); F3 of 85Hz
Vented box of 12 liters (0.45cf); F3 of 53Hz; 2" port by 5.6" long.
All just for fun!

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