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maik 26th May 2003 07:21 AM

high efficient low midrange driver

I plan a new speaker project using high
efficient drivers and I'm collecting available information
about low midrange drivers. In particular I'm looking for
a driver with the following specs:

frequency range: 250Hz - 2500Hz
SPL: >95db
6.5'' to 8'' diameter
reasonable linear excursion to be driven at 250Hz (>1mm)

So far I found some drivers especially from the pro industry.
The most interesting candidates to me are AUDAX HM210Z10
and PHL M20-2520 or 2540. Does anybody has compared
both? Are there other recommended drivers for such application?

thylantyr 26th May 2003 08:09 PM

I've been looking for similar drivers
and the PHL 2520 happens to be
the driver of choice for project. I
can't seem to find anything better.

It's a great low midrange driver, but you
need a high output tweeter that mates
well with it.

If you are building high sensitivity
systems, PHL is good stuff. I hear
good things about the 10" PHL
(3450), but I haven't tried it yet.

The 2520 is able to handle my bridged
amplifier (600w) as long as you cross
it over around 200-300hz with a
steep slope to keep excursion levels
under control.

Very high impact sonics when you
drive it with high power, but at the
same time, it's able to perform well
with only a few watts due to it's high

maik 27th May 2003 02:12 PM

> thylantyr
> It's a great low midrange driver, but you
> need a high output tweeter that mates
> well with it.

I plan to use an active xo and seperate amplifiers.
Different efficiencies for the drivers will not be an issue.

In a different thread you mentioned that you compared
the Audax PR170M0 and other high efficient midrange
drivers. It looks to me that the PR170M0 is a very highly
recommended driver. Did you (or anbody else) ever tried
to use two or more of them in a speaker to overcome the
excursion limits for lower xo frequencies?

thylantyr 27th May 2003 03:27 PM

The PR170M0 is a great sounding midrange and it's 1/2 the cost
of PHL, but that 0.5mm xmax as opposed to 2.0 mm for PHL
is just too limiting for high power use. For normal use, it's
ok. If you are a maniac like me, you may overdrive the PR.


The 2520 will easy beat the PR in low midrange duty,
if you want deep sounding vocals the 2520 is powerfull
whereas the other 6.5 midranges (PR or PHL 6.5) is a
better "high midrange". There is two distinct sonic personalities.

Normally, if I listen to each driver individually the 6.5" midranges
sound better overall, better than 2520 because the 2520
lacks "high midrange" clarity, but if you have a very good
tweeter, in my case, Stage Accompany tweeters, the 2520
mates exceptionally well with it because the tweeter gives
me the "high midrange" clarity and I get the "low midrange"
from the 2520. Sounds confusing, but you need to listen
to both together, then it makes sense.

If you are using dome tweeters, I would use the 6.5" midranges,
either PHL 1120, PHL1660, PR170M0. Connect two midranges to
get down to 200hz. The problem with high sensitivity designs is...
what are you going to do for the low pass 200hz job?

Another favorite is the Focal 7K2 midrange, it's pretty good,
you *may* get one of those down to 200hz and sensitivity is good, if you like the Kevlar sound as opposed to paper composite,
check it out. I think this driver may be obsolete, not sure which
driver replaced it.

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