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robotnation 12th August 2009 04:12 AM

I designed my bass and need a midtop...
i design speakers for a few hours @ a time every few weeks hoping i will build a winner rig for parties. The issue i always run into is that I don't know what SPLs are like when i am actually perceiving them with my own ears, and i also don't know how to approach matching my mid tops to my subs. I will skip it all and say here is what i am currently considering building and ask if anyone has advice on what it will be good for / what would go well on top xover'd where... I just like techno music really and am a lazy *** who refuses to build horns or get good amps.

I get 128 db anywhere from 40hz to 300hz on a stack of four reflex i designed using eminence definimax 3015LF drivers. What can i do with reflex like that? What will i be able to do with bass like that? What should i aim to build midtop wise?

col 12th August 2009 04:45 AM

yeah I hear ya, I just built 4 X P.Audio E15-350N BR cabs for a party rig. Got the drivers very cheap and the 18mm ply for free. I built 4 X E12-250N sealed with a cheap 1" comp driver and the Pyle "Econowave" horn to go on top.

Haven't finished it yet but yeah knocked it all up in WinISD pro before I started. Iv'e kind of stretched the bass cabs out to the maximum volume I can go, trying to get a smoother bass curve, even if it means less power handling. The drivers are so efficient I don't think I'm going to need it. Also, Iv'e got a good brick wall limiter to setup on it.

my mid-high:


robotnation 12th August 2009 02:57 PM

those look amazing. How should i expect to do DB wise? I never get a straight answer for what i need and i get so put off hearing about how the people telling me it is inadequate running 145db horn sound systems. I read charts on google images telling me loud rock concerts are 120db and im like ok people don't know anything... also i am considering designing horns for my midtops. how do i design horns? i have hornresp and i really have no clue how to use it effectively by turning my finished number crunching into a legitamate cabinet design... I think i could handle designing a cabinet that is a really good horn mid top.

kipman725 12th August 2009 06:06 PM

120dB is very loud:
145dB is enough to almost instantly cause hearing damage and pain

col 12th August 2009 11:47 PM

If you want a horn loaded mid take a look at Rod Mogale's MT102:


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