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caz 10th July 2009 01:53 AM

Help with a system design
Alright guys, im thinking of branching out past that of a premade system and doing one of my own. Looking for some suggestions on driver suggestions and Xover help.

Im thinking of doing a 3 way. Hiquphon OW1's, SEAS Excel W15CY-001 midrange , SEAS Prestige L22RN4X/P bass.

Im pretty sure i want to keep the hiquphon/seas excel setup. However, im definetely open to any suggestions you guys have on a bass/midbass driver.
Im really looking to make two towers out of this what will be the end all be all for me with the exception off adding more monitors in the future for surround sound. So in this respect I want to get a very solid amount of bass from these towers, a setup that will not need the addition of a stand along subwoofer in the future.
Keeping in mind a budget though, I really dont wanna push past the $100 mark per midbass. If possible I'd even go with something fairly popular to steal a used pair to cut down even more. Thats already a possibility ill be taking with the Seas Excels too.

My next questions are related to amplification and crossovers.
First in terms of crossovers. Does using a service such as madisounds LEAP crossover designs produce good results? Is it something that would be inline with more high fidelity system such as this? If so, are there any other recomendations besides madisound? Id even be open to the possibility of using forum members who are exceptional at something like this.

And second to do with amplification. Due to money restraints again, im going to be using an A/V reciever, probably looking at 70-80 watts per channel 5-7 channels depending on my purchase. I'm sure 80 or so continous watts will be enough for me when were talking the midrange and tweeter, but when adding in an 8in+ woofer this sounds very underpowered to me. Is it a usable possibilty to set up the tower with 2 seperate power inputs. One set for the midrange+tweeter, one setup dedicated to the bass/midbass? In theory i would have assumed this fine, but im under the impression one job of the passive crossovers is to balance the volume between different speakers as they all have different sensitivity levels. So would not having all three speakers running off the same power source imbalance this, or can it still be achieved keeping them seperate?
The way id do it in this case is to just use up 4 channels on the A/V reciever.

If alternatively getting a seperate amplifier would be much prefered to a system like this im open to suggestions, keeping in mind a 300-400ish budget, lower being better. However, again if possible the A/V reciever route is really prefered to me since I can run all my systems through it also (dvd player, computer, tv, ect).

Thanks alot for all the help guys! Hopefully I can get this fleshed out soon and start on a project :D

PeteMcK 10th July 2009 02:17 AM

If you can’t/don’t want to learn how to design an xover, stick with a proven design, e.g. or with a woofer;

You can bi-amp:
And to save money you can do this:

as to how much power you’ll need, that depends on how loud you play & how much space you want to fill up. FWIW 40w/channel is more than enough to fill up my back yard & annoy the neighbours using OB (i.e. relatively inefficient) speakers – 1 watt is louder than you may think….

caz 10th July 2009 03:27 AM

Using troelsgravesens design with the w15+hiquphon, and then adding a woofer is a good possibility. However that still has the issue of mating a crossover from the woofer to the w15, and matching the impedience.

How difficult would something like that be?

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