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grantnsw 2nd July 2009 05:33 PM

dBX 223XL vs Behringer CX3400 active XO?
any opinions on which is better please? ...Troels used the dbx, but the CX is cheaper retail. DEQX or BBS are both megabucks, but the DCX2496 is almost affordable yet needs tweaks to sound o?

grantnsw 2nd July 2009 05:35 PM

to sound ok

doug20 2nd July 2009 06:12 PM

What do you mean sound okay?

I have the DCX2496 and it sounds great with my drivers (TD12S, PHL1160, Neopro5i). Almost picked up a BSS omnidrive for just over $1K but I didnt pull the trigger.

Its unmodded too, Im about to mod one of my DCXs to just see if there is a difference others talk about ( subjective one and measured difference). I suspect its more of a mole hill then a mountain in terms of differences.

augerpro 2nd July 2009 06:21 PM

The Behringer added a little hiss to my system, probably nothing you will notice with music playing. I also have that dbx but haven't hooked it up yet.

doug20 2nd July 2009 06:30 PM

Good point Augerpro, if sound is off I can hear that hiss but Im always playing music or movies so hiss is a moot point with me.

I have tried to find any other differences and even at reference levels it is just fine. The benefits I gain from the DCX outweigh any possible SQ issues that I have not found in over a year.

Im still trying to find those differences though because many threads, etc talk about them.

grantnsw 3rd July 2009 11:32 AM

It seems to me the CX is my best and least cost option.

I had read a few threads where the DCX needed expensive mods to remedy perceived problems. I think one of those problems was hiss, but from your comments, its not an issue. It just seemed a bit strange that the required(?) mods would cost more than the DCX itself.

ASSuming the CX and DCX share a lot of common components/circuitry, I guess this prompted my post.

doug20 3rd July 2009 03:16 PM

The CX3400 has a lot less functionality then the DCX2496. If the CX fits your requirements then maybe you should try it first, to me its more of a Subwoofer crossover device since it lacks the higher order crossover functionality that the DCX offers.

I have two mod options, one is $450 and and is $400 ( I think ) and yes they cost more then the device itself. I think you can do them cheaper if you buy all the individual parts. Those costs above are for me to ship the unit somewhere in the US and get it modded.

Does it improve it? From everything I read that is a Subjective yes :D but I have yet to see measurements to prove it actually does improve SQ.

Removing the Hiss when there is no sound is meaningless to me since I do not run audio systems with no sound ;)

Rademakers 3rd July 2009 03:49 PM

My CX3400 got stolen recently, I got the last laugh tho, as after 2 year in use the left channel stopped working and in the year after that the right channel became ever more crappy (knobs influencing each other whilst they shouldn't).

In short I've to buy a new one but would highly consider to buy something better, like the DBX or the DCX2496 because the CX3400 is cheapest on the short turn but likely not the cheapest on the long run.

Best regards Johan

grantnsw 4th July 2009 03:04 PM


yes, the CX does not have shelving or a notch filter that I believe the DCX does, and its fixed at 24dB LR2, whereas the DCX has more slopes, up to 48dB?

But its a lot cheaper and I think I could build shelving and notch filters with passive components onto the tweeter/FR? Bi-amped, with FR or tweeter pads etc.

I downloaded both CX & DCX manuals, and yes the DCX does have a lot more 'grunt'.

As a total noob to active bi-amped OB analogy is that its like me trying to climb Everest! Not gonna happen, but hill at a time.

The XLR/Cannon balanced connectors are a worry. My CD and amp are unbalanced RCA. So I also need to buy a XLR preamp and 2 XLR amps. I don't want to use XLR/RCA converters.

Any ideas for a budget system? please.


yes I would buy a DCX, but the price is way too high for me. Re your stolen CX, it seems like it has a design issue that the knobs went crappy so soon?

ZilchLab 4th July 2009 05:03 PM

Yer not doing apples to apples here. CX3400 is analog, I do believe.

The question was CX vs dBX, not DCX. Different companies.

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