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raypalmer 24th January 2009 03:59 AM

Tabaq to the future.
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Okay, I've decided to whip up some Tabaqs. Hopefully this weekend.

Btw bigups to Planet10, Fwater and Cloth Ears for their collective assistance in a previous thread. Put them up for Poster of the year awards.

Anyway, I have questions:

1. Adding a tweeter, who thinks it's an improvement/worthwhile and why? I'm worried about missing out on the high end.

2. Stabilizing that little pillar. I was thinking of mounting a wide-stand tripodal base made out of 2 bits of 12mm mdf sandwhich glued together before cutting.

3. For those of you with experience with this specific speaker, how much power does it like to have?

Oh and I think I'm going to model the finish after this:

raypalmer 28th March 2009 12:23 AM

Well I'm back.

First I'll answer that handsome OP's questions:

1. Tweeter unnecessary. Provided 3" TB Drivers are used High response is ample.

2. Adding height to the Tabaq yields a cavity on the bottom of the cabinet that can be loaded. The extra weight makes the column sturdy when placed on the floor w/o any additional support.

3. It's not super-efficient. Using a passive attenuator on an LM3875 I've actually gone 0dB w/o hurting my ears or the speakers. The amp has 6dB gain (I think?) so I reckon that places efficiency around the 84dB area.


I've gone ahead and begun the tedious and maddening process of veneering these. Yes I made them out of MDF...

Now I know you're all saying "oh veneering isn't so bad you drama queen." Well guess what. It is hard. Especially when using that single ply stuff. Yes I'm using the single ply stuff...

Why??? Because it's:

a. Thick, so I can sand it like a maniac w/o hitting paper or a different grain.

b. It looks great and will soak up mountains of oil.

c. If a speaker gets knocked over or otherwise mistreated and some veneer comes free, gasp, it will come off in a pretty sizeable wafer/splinter than glues back on like nobodies business.

So anyway. I may write a thread on how to/not to use this god-awful splinter-giving patience-testing stuff later tonight. I've always preferred the end result of single ply to the other stuff.

Oh and my Tabaq's sound excellent.

planet10 28th March 2009 12:36 AM


Originally posted by raypalmer
Oh and my Tabaq's sound excellent.
I've just started working thru a set of W3-871 so that we can build one of these.


okapi 28th March 2009 12:37 AM

hi ray

if you get the chance would you mind posting some pics?

many years ago i spent a lot of time rowing the waters of st. catherines - good times.

raypalmer 28th March 2009 03:08 AM

I'll post some construction pics first:

And here's the nearly finished product:

Anyone know how to embed images rather than just post the link??

planet10 28th March 2009 04:14 AM


Originally posted by raypalmer
Anyone know how to embed images rather than just post the link??
Your code is correct but you need to put the picture's URL between the tags (and hope where you have the pictures stashed supports external links -- i'll post this, go yo another browser and see if yours does)


planet10 28th March 2009 04:18 AM

looks like it does... getting the URL of a picture embedded in a web page usually require a Control-Click to bring up a contextual menu (Right CLick on a PC?), the rest will be browser specific.

Your pictures are also small enuff to attach to the forum's database -- use the attach file function at the bottom of the reply window.


raypalmer 6th April 2009 03:59 AM


Originally posted by okapi
if you get the chance would you mind posting some pics?

Here's the final product. I should've oiled instead of cleared.... You can kinda see some waves in the veneer with the gloss finish.:(

Also foto makes the woofers seem a lot lighter than the cabs. In real life they blend nicely together.

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