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photomusicfreak 27th November 2008 05:34 AM

Tannoy 609 compared with Tannoy 615
I have a pair of Tannoy 609s and love them. And maybe I should just be content with them and look no further because they sound wonderful.

But I cannot help being curious: what if I got a pair of Tannoy 615s? Might I notice such a considerable sonic improvement that could make me glad I moved up?

I have already carefully read the entire discussion of Tannoy Sixes from 2006 but am wondering if anyone has anything else to add.


Sonusthree 27th November 2008 12:31 PM

Hi Neil,

What sonic improvements are you looking for?

The dual concentric drivers in the 609, 611 and 615 seem to be the same and have the same 2.5 KHz crossover points so I wouldn't expect to see much difference in the upper mid and treble. If you want this to change then consider listening to the differences between sixes Mk1 and Mk2.

Bass response should be the big change although it may change the subjective 'prominence' of the treble. Do you find that your 609's are a bit sibilant?

All three types appear to run the DC driver(s) with full range signal (Bass, mid and treble). This means that no particular model should have an advantage over the other by, for example, by removing the bass from the DC and allowing to focus on mid and treble only.

Efficiency is 3dB higher in the 615 and power handling is better.

609 smaller Ported cabinet. DC only
611 larger closed box. DC with extra bass driver below 400Hz
615 largest sealed box with passive radiator. DC with extra bass driver below 400Hz plus passive radiator.

All the best,

photomusicfreak 27th November 2008 05:10 PM

Tannoy 609 vs 615
Hi Martin,

That was nice of you to get back to me on this. I welcome the education/enlightenment that people like you and this site may provide.

I am not sure what sonic improvements I'm looking for. I do know I love good music and the Tannoy sound. The question is: would a pair of 615s offer significant improvement over my already good and very nice sounding 609s. (I've already got a sub which is covering the 609s bottom end nicely down to 18 hz.)

So besides bass is there *anything* the 615s might do for me that my 609s simply cannot?

Thanking you,


Sonusthree 27th November 2008 05:46 PM

Re: Tannoy 609 vs 615

Originally posted by photomusicfreak
(I've already got a sub which is covering the 609s bottom end nicely down to 18 hz.)

So besides bass is there *anything* the 615s might do for me that my 609s simply cannot?

Thanking you,


Aaah! You didn't mention the sub. I wouldn't bother getting the 615's then.

I would consider upgrading to quality (possibly stereo) subs and finding a way to remove the sub's frequencies from the 609's. This should allow the 609's to have a clearer midrange and play louder. (Actually, I always fancied making some sub boxes and standing my 611's on them.)

As another very minor 'tweak' you could always replace the tweeter's cap with a better quality one if that floats your boat. I like stuff like that. It's fun, interesting, not too expensive and can often be very worthwhile.


photomusicfreak 27th November 2008 10:27 PM

Hi Martin,

Thank you for confirming my suspicion that the 609s with a decent sub are basically as good as the 615s. I think you have saved me some money!

But if you like, we might take this whole discussion a step further: I'm still willing to consider something better than what I already have and...

...I keep hearing about e.g. Tannoy Gold Monitors and other drivers, as if they are the stuff of legends.

Now there's no way I can afford to buy brand-new high-end Tannoys.

And used Tannoys say from the 1970's or earlier don't appeal because of those primative-looking speaker cabinets and those awful speaker wire connectors, plus of course the possibility of having to replace the surrounds.

I figure something made in the last 20 years might be the best bet. You agree?

Could you recommend some dual concentric models which I could power with an 18 watt valve amp.

Tannoy head office here in Canada has just told me that for my room dimensions, paricularly height, 10" drivers would be optimum.

Any ideas? If you disagree with any of my reasoning, I'm open. I

Best to you,


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