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gilwe 30th September 2008 12:07 PM

Refurbishing a Yamaha NS10M pair
I'm about to refurbish my old NS10m pair, as one of the monitors (the left one) is in really bad condition - there's a 1cm crack in woofer's membrane, and the wooden case itself if broken on one edge, and as well has a crack at the rear - just where one of the crossover screws go.... As the left monitor needs refurbishing, I decided to refurbish both elements so I have a "like new" pair ;)

So aside of getting a pair of new-old-stock woofers, I intend to fix the crack in the wood enclosures and repaint.

A few questions for those who are experienced with this kind of work:

- How would you refurbish the wood ? I thought of using some carpenters glue mixed with wood dust and then sands it.

- What type of paint would you use for it, which will look great and still will protect the monitor and won't reflect its performance ? (I know wrong paint can reflect guitars for example...)

- Should I get a matched pair of woofers or any two will do ? Can I get "wrong" performance if using the old tweeters and new old stock woofers ?

Thanks for any advice !

gilwe 30th September 2008 01:27 PM

Here are some pics:

sreten 30th September 2008 01:36 PM


- there's a 1cm crack in woofer's membrane,

Unless its 1cm wide that is easily fixable, post pics.


gilwe 30th September 2008 10:54 PM

Thanks !

gilwe 1st October 2008 01:56 AM

OK, here are some pics of the progression,
can anyone advise of a suitable paint to be used,
as well as a method of fixing the woofer please ?

sreten 2nd October 2008 12:59 PM


You can fix the woofer by wetting the frayed paper edges with PVA
wood glue (thin or dilute it a little) and teasing the torn section back
into place and smoothing with a wet finger any bits sticking up.

Practise on a very cheap paper driver first if you are not confident.

Regarding the finish, normal sparay painting will show the real wood
grain and youyr repaire section, I assume the back does nort really
matter. To make your repair invisible and remove the grain it is the
same as doing a car spray repair, with stop filler, wet and dry etc.

Or go for some textured paint applied with a roller, will not look
as nice but is far quicker / less effort, again best to practise first.


auplater 2nd October 2008 02:00 PM

Check out your local Lowes or Home Depot for texture paint in spray cans... there are alot of optional faux finishes that are pretty easy to apply this way... for not alot of money. Just light sand the boxes b4 spraying and wipe with a tack rag and paint thinner to remove dust b4 spraying.

John L.

gilwe 4th October 2008 01:16 PM


The fix on the boxes look good now, so basically I just need to pick up the right paint to use. I tried matte black spray made by KRYLON, but the results wasn't nice so I re-sanded...

I'll also try to glue the woofer crack.

gilwe 4th October 2008 05:13 PM

OK, here are the results of fixing the woofer crack...

I'm not sure I used the best method, I feel I used too much glue over the cracked area (instead of using glue only around the crack borders, I actually used it over the entire area (both sided) and even had a very light piece of tissue paper over it. Also put some light glue over the second area (left to the big crack) 'cuse it looked lightly cracked as well... I used very light amount of while/yellow wood glue for the task...

Hope that's ok... What do you think ?

gilwe 4th October 2008 10:34 PM

Here are the final results after using light paint on the area... hope that wasn't too much of a bad idea.

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