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Isight 18th August 2008 07:40 AM

Hi this is my first post hear and would like to ask a question. My mother has the ESS AMT 1B. The tweeters are now shot, I think it was her 8 ohm receiver. She has since bought new speakers and uses the woofers out of the 1Bs as subwoofers. So long story short I now have a pair of ESS AMT tweeters with shot diaphragms. I think they have 4 ohm diaphragms in them, I have head that there are 8 ohm diaphragms for these tweeters, is that true and if so where do I get them? I want to build some speakers with these tweeters once fixed, I have the crossover from them, so is there a woofer that will work with this crossover from the 1Bs? Oh ya, sort of off topic, what vintage receivers would you suggest to run these speakers?

Thank you.

augerpro 18th August 2008 11:51 AM

simplyspeakers has them:

c2cthomas 18th August 2008 02:41 PM

Hi Isight -
Congrats on scoring a pair of AMT1b's - a classic speaker! :D I use a pair of them with some Pioneer 10" units doing bass and midrange duties.
You might want to try for a little better lower end.
Both of these LF/MF units are "low cost" speakers and won't break the bank and allow for a two way speaker which keeps things simple.
I run the Pioneer "full range" and use a 6.2 ufd cap in series with the AMT1 to pass HF
I trimmed back the AMT1 a bit with a 8 ohm resistor in series

With regards to the amplifier - you don't need a vintage amp to run these speakers - just make sure that you are using an amplifier that won't be driven into clipping or produce high amounts of distortion when playing at high power levels. The diaphragm has a 3.7 ohm resistance - but when wired up with your crossover etc the impedance should be up near 8 ohms so no worries there. Your Mothers receiver most likely had little to do with the diaphragms getting smoked unless something shorted out or she was using a unit that didn't have enough clean watts to get the job done. The AMT1's do like clean power to play their best!

BTW - the crossovers ESS supplied don't cut it in today's world - and even if they were originally well designed (they weren't) - and used quality components (they didn't - at least not by modern standards) the caps and pot's are well beyond their life expectancy and should be reworked with fresh components. (Toss the potentiometer out of the circuit IMO - using pot's in a passive crossover just ain't right!)

Isight 19th August 2008 12:06 AM

Thank you every on I will look in to that.

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