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Doug Kim 22nd July 2008 04:55 PM

Which design to have in-a-car-like sound pressure?
Hi all

I am thinking of building a pair of speakers that are capable of high SPL. My goal is to achieve a bass-slam and dynamic which is comparable to something I hear in my car.
I remember reading from somewhere that to achieve this I should go with a critically damped design, and some recommended to go for horns, and some said closed box is better.

Anyone else like the sound of your car-audio? It's very fast and detailed, and the bass quality is really good - fast and plenty. I want to have that sound at home.



Ron E 22nd July 2008 05:36 PM

If you want car audio bass at home, you need to build a well-sealed room that is perhaps 8x5x4 feet and install a car-like system. That's the only reasonable way ;) to get in car-like spl's. Critically damped is not the path - small room acoustics are the key.

Hezz 22nd July 2008 07:36 PM

small room with a large adjacent closet. Put two 18-21 inch woofers in the door between the closet and the room. Tune with active equalization. Make sure both room and closet are well sealed.

Doug Kim 22nd July 2008 07:49 PM

So is there no way I can keep my room as-is? :D

Will it be helpful to achieve my goal if I put 4 speakers at each corner, just like a car's cabin?


agent.5 22nd July 2008 08:54 PM


Originally posted by Doug Kim
So is there no way I can keep my room as-is? :D

Will it be helpful to achieve my goal if I put 4 speakers at each corner, just like a car's cabin?


I think you can do it, depending on the size of the room. If four 21" speakers fail, you can always have four arrays of 21" speakers. Not sure how high your electricity bill will get though.

Tubamark 22nd July 2008 08:59 PM

Find a car that satisfies you desires. Calculate the woofer displacement in that car. Divide by actual cabin volume.

Determine your room volume. Now calculate woofer displacement needed to achieve the same ratio.
Now be prepared to add substantial EQ (like a +12db shelf starting at maybe 150 Hz until room gain kicks in) to simulate the Cabin-gain that a car adds.

Without careful placement, it will just be loud garbage.
To make it "fast and clean" consult the Harman/JBL/Floyd o'Toole articles on multiple sub placement.

May God help your neighbors if you achieve that level of pressure in a decent sized room . . .

jsalbre 22nd July 2008 09:36 PM

Sounds like you're trying to build a nightclub! ;)

boricuaso 22nd July 2008 09:59 PM

i say go with lots of cone area. so lots of subs, the larger the better and lots of power, preferably in ported enclosures, tuned low for a fuller bass.
if you want to keep them out of view. install them in the attic facing down in the room, cut out enough ceiling for the port and sub face to freely play in to the room and use grill cloth that matches the room color to cover the speaker and port.

Don Bunce 22nd July 2008 11:29 PM

A pair of LABhorns will do nicely for the bass.

AJinFLA 23rd July 2008 02:37 AM

Make sure to call today for an appointment with the Otologist. While you can still hear them on the phone.



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