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chubby chaser 22nd March 2008 08:37 PM

DIY Completed Speaker Stand Pictures
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Finishing my speaker stands was wonderful. I can have my garage back for parking autos. This project was not without its issues and the project did bring up some what ifs. Like I wish I would have included the sub woofers into this stand.

chubby chaser 22nd March 2008 08:54 PM

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I originally painted one of these stands with kilz black satin and it did not look good so I had to resand and paint with rustoleum satin black. Notice the color of the rustoleum satin black diy b3s next to the kilz satin black stands.

seventenths 22nd March 2008 09:01 PM

They look great CC ! Nice work.
Judging by the scenery, I'd bet you're in the S.E side of things and within 5 min of Airline hwy...;)


chubby chaser 22nd March 2008 10:33 PM

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Thanks I try.

nah Im not close to Airline Hwy. I am in east br thou.
All the new houses in BR look alike.
I put these stands outside for three hours to harden paint and pollen covered them. Bad time of year to keep things clean. It took all day to clean the garage of all the black overspray. It was a mess.
Im not sure if youve seen my 5.1 system I built for my home gym but Ill include a picture.
My next project will be a small entertainment center for the gym (nutmeg) and a credenza type piece (black) for my bed room.
These pieces will be made of solid ash.
I would like to match the nutmed paint with some stain for the small entertainment center. I tried to make my own stain by spraying a can of paint into a container and adding mineral spirits to thin then applied to the ash then wipe off but that did not work.
For the credenza piece Id like to try the black aniline dye with dead flat clear lacquer. I saw Joe L use it on his speaker project and it really looked nice. My only concern is would it penetrate ash enough to get the dark look Im after.

Any one else interested in building a pair of these fear not they were no harder than building a set of speakers.

seventenths 23rd March 2008 01:19 AM

Is that surround setup the one featured on Partsexpress ?
Looks very nice BTW.

I have not made many of my own stains, but I did have good luck with mineral spirits and artist acrylics. It may be worth a small experiment or two.

7/10 (born and bred in EBR)

chubby chaser 23rd March 2008 03:22 PM

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Nah John "Zaph" Krutke designed these B3S speakers
The sub is a dayton 10" dvc and the sub amp is a 100watt dayton This set up is nice for a small room.

Seattle has the right humidity to feel like BR all you have to do is open up a container of motor oil and set it ablaze to get the smell of BR. What city in its right mind would put a petroleum plant in the middle of the city? I guess thats what our politicians call intrastructure. The plants get all the people feeling ill so they keep the medical fields busy. On a positive note Baton Rouge did get a new cancer treatment machine to experiment on the public.

Baton Rouge General’s Pennington Cancer Center is the first, and so far only, U.S. facility with Siemens Healthcare’s Artiste radiation treatment device.

Im sure Siemens didnt pick Baton Rouge because it has a low cancer rate per capita and they just put that machine here cause they liked the smell of our brown air.

seventenths 23rd March 2008 07:20 PM

True, so very true...
This past fall I spent almost three weeks in that hospital with my dying dad. I really miss home, but it'll be too soon if I ever have to step foot in there again.


chubby chaser 29th March 2008 03:31 AM

So have you done any diy projects??? Pictures???

I wish I would have built these instead of the b3s project.
Hi-Vi W5 / Vifa D27SG15
My only problem is that I have to wall mount my speakers in the gym and the living room. It sort of limits what I can build. My living room is so accustically unfriendly and space limited I was sort of domed from the start. I ended up just purchasing a set up with a sub. Considering the small size of these speakers I must say they do the job. Had I found a design online like them I most certainly would have diy a set up. My confidence low and the amount of available diy small HT speaker designs online I bit the bullet and purchased a BB special.
I ate at uncle o's seafood for lunch and drusillas seafood tonite wow It was good. I would miss the seafood if ever i left louisiana. I guess you have a nice selection of seafood in seattle.

chubby chaser 8th April 2008 07:08 PM

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Im building a credenza to match these speaker stands. This piece will support my 48" projection tv. I had to have it raised 1'4" so I could use the tv in my bed room. Long story tv swapping at its finest. I am building this piece out of mdf to keep cost down because it will be a throw away after the tv fails. What use would a 1' 4" credenza have besides what Im using it for.

chubby chaser 8th April 2008 07:10 PM

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I have the base completed finally. It took forever because I was hammering out the wall bkts while building this.

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