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Bull 23rd February 2003 11:08 PM

Is the Super Scooper the same as the normal scoop bass bin
I've heard one site talking about the Super Scooper bin ,is this another name for the scoop bass bin?
This Super Scooper bin can have either 12 inch,15 inch,18 inch,21 inch or 24 inch bass drivers in it.

Who would use any driver bigger than a 18 inch,and 21 inch and definatly 24 inch are so hard to find.
I know sell 21 inch and 24 inch scoop bass bins,but what drivers are used for these.The only drivers i've ever seen bigger than 18 inch are Precision Devices PD24 and PD21, And having a driver bigger than an 18 inch in a very large box,must be extremely heavy and very difficult to transport and move around,except those who have a fixed permentant installation,why would anyone want sometime so big,when there are smaller boxes out there which give better bass such as the Bassmaxx?
The only thing better about an 21 inch or 24 inch to a 18 inch is,more cone area so more air is moved,so more forcefull bass.

pinkmouse 24th February 2003 12:13 AM

Hi Bull

I have never heard of the superscooper, but any box that can have such different drivers fitted must be an extreme compromise design, and will probably fail to satisfy at all. Much better to have a design optimised for one driver.

The 24" PD drivers are used in just about all Turbosound professional touring PA systems as subs, and they work extremely well. The boxes are no heavier or larger than any other touring sub box.

As for suppliers, PD are the only ones I know that make a 24", but I believe Emminence used to make a 21"

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