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kkosiba 8th November 2007 02:50 AM

Hi-Vi F6
I have a pair of Dayton PT2 tweeters that I would like to try. I am wondering what would be the better driver to mate with it. These will be used in a two way. The Hi-Vi F6 or something like the Seas CA18RNX. I think the F6 will let me cross Higher, but don't now how it compares in quality with the Seas. Using the Seas though, will not give much breathing room with the Dayton, as it sounds like the higher it is crossed the better. Anyone out there with experience with both drivers? Thanks


peter_m 8th November 2007 03:38 AM

Does this help?

Jay_WJ 8th November 2007 04:25 AM

Dayton planar is very similar (perhaps oem'ed from the same source) to the Silver Flute YAG20-1, which was tested by Zaph here:

According to his test, this planar tweeter's distortion performance is horrible. I'd cross it at 3.5 kHz LR4 at the lowest, which rules out any 6.5" drivers.

How about using them in a mini monitor design? You may want to consider using Tang Band W4-1320 or W4-1337 and crossing the planar at 4 or 5 kHz LR4.

sreten 8th November 2007 12:12 PM

Hi, add Tangband W5-704S to the suitable list, :)/sreten.`

kkosiba 8th November 2007 12:17 PM

Hi peter. Thanks, I actually have been to Zaphs site and looked a the comparisons. While I personally feel that measurements are important, I don't think they necessarily tell the whole picture on how a driver sounds. I am hoping to find some people who have used or heard either of the drivers for some insight on which might sound or perform better in an actual application (I realize this is pretty subjective) but can definitely help give direction.
Jay thanks as well. I knew buying this tweeter it was shall we say "controversial". It is none the less a fairly inexpensive way to try out a planar tweeter. Again, I know measurements are important, but I know there are people who have used this tweeter and thought it worked well(again subjective). This is going to be more for fun than critical listening so if it is not the end all be all that is o.k. too. Another I guess, off shoot of this project will be getting a mid/bass (which both of my selections are probably superior in quality to the dayton planar) that if this project works out and I feel I like the planar/ribbon sound I would buy a nicer tweeter to mate with said mid/basses. Thanks again for your advise.


Jay_WJ 8th November 2007 12:29 PM

If you insist, go ahead try. Then I think as sreten suggested, using it with the Tang Band W5-704 crossed at 3 kHz LR4 may be a good compromise. If you want to use a 7" driver, the only choice may be the Seas CA18RNX. It has virtually no high frequency breakups. You can easily cross it at 3 kHz LR4 if you can accept a little worse off axis performance due to beaming. HiVi F6's breakup occurs at 2.7 kHz, which is not good for your application. Also, the CA18 has cleaner bass than the F6.

kkosiba 8th November 2007 09:40 PM

Jay thanks again for the advise. I guess I could look into the 5" driver range, then there are probably tons of suitable drivers. The only reason I am hoping to make a 7" work is for the bottom end. I am very flexible on cabinet size and design however so I suppose I could maybe look in to a TL design and go with the smaller driver. any recommendations on good quality 5-5.25" drivers. I know seas has the new reed cones, any others that stand out? Thanks


Jay_WJ 8th November 2007 09:53 PM

I'd consider one of Peerless 5.25" HDS drivers. They have Exclusive, nomex, and poly versions. All are decent performers. Zaph also tested the new ER15. Peerless drivers are cleaner in the upper bass and lower midrange than the ER15.

pedroskova 8th November 2007 09:55 PM

Zalytron still has some vintage, i.e., 1995-2000, Seas drivers that may be smooth enough for you...@$15-20 a pop...good bang for the buck if they suit your purposes.

kkosiba 8th November 2007 11:43 PM

I looked at Zalytrons website and didn't see any vintage seas listed, at least none in the $15-20 range. Maybe I missed them? any opinions on the gr-research m130. Zaph tested the M165x and seemed to think it was o.k. Is the M130 or 130x any different? It seems to be priced very well. Even if it is an o.k. driver would seem to be hard to beat at the price. Though I need something fairly easy to implement and know nothing about it. I am afraid the Peerless driver(at least the exclusive)might be a challenge to implement due to the peak at 450hz. maybe not as big a deal as I think. thanks


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