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The Paulinator 11th February 2003 05:18 PM

Radio Shack Linaeum Tweeters
This is not really a question, just a statement hoping to draw some feedback about the subject. I recently finished a stereo pair of speakers for a friend with a 12" powered subwoofer. The stereo pair each have (or should I say HAD) a single Tang Band 4" "full range" driver in them. I don't remember the model number, but they were the ones with the paper cone and aluminum phase plug.

The problem (which I'm sure many of you are aware of) is that the drivers were lacking a fair amount of top-end and sounded a bit nasaly due to the limited top-end response. Of course, I was a bit throwwn off by the frequency response that Parts Express gave, which was given as extending to 20khz. (Later I discovered that Tang Band only warrants them as reaching to 14k or so).

After much fiddling with enclosure volume and stuffing amounts (etc.) I slapped one of my spare Radio Shack Lineaum tweeters on the top of each enclosure, and lo and behold, the sound was quite impressive. I didn't want to beleive that such a quick fix could sound so good, but I couldn't deny what I heard. The blend between the two drivers was almost seemless (probably less seemless to me or any other people like us than it was to my friend, who thought they were a sonic miracle) and there was only a tad too much of a emphasis on S's and T's that caused me to turn down my trebel one notch. Needless to say I proceeded to permanently attatch them, after removing all the Radio Shack plastic around them so they were just a bare tweeter with no silly space-sucking mounting plate and no weird grille assembly.

I still have two of these tweeters, and I am more interested now in making something out of them. Anybody else out there have any experience with these?

daatkins 11th February 2003 05:39 PM

I've had good experiences with the RS Linnaeum too!

If you're using add-on "super-tweeter" version then I suggest you open up the case and replace what can only be described as the world's cheapest bipolar electrolytic with something better. Maybe adjust the value to improve the driver integration too.

Nice one,

XTRMEASURES 13th February 2003 01:42 AM

which tweeter your talking about, can you give a model no.

daatkins 13th February 2003 06:16 PM

It's the Optimus Di-pole Tweeter cat no. 40-1389

Radio Shack, at least here in the UK, sold these as add-on super-tweeters hence the additional 1st order XO cap.

There's some more info here:

Their claims of playing to 25KHz is pushing the truth - the measurements I made showed them rolling off at 15KHz, IIRC. I also seem to remember the capacitor rolling off the low end aound 7KHz.

The diagram in the owner's manual showing the radiation pattern is also 100% wrong! That's actually the dipolar null.

Nice one,

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