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Tedg85 29th May 2007 05:17 AM

Help with infinity RS5001's
I picked up a pair of infinity RS5001's that somebody was getting rid of today but they are missing the woofers. I want to drop in a pair of drivers to get these up and running again. I'm sure they arent the best speakers, but from what I understand they are from the old school line of infinity speakers and are pretty decent.

Heres my problem, according to the infinity site these are 6 ohm speakers. Would I need a 4 or 8 ohm replacement woofer?

I'm trying to do things cheaply, any recomendations would be appreceated

binarywhisper 29th May 2007 08:53 PM

they are a 3 way design right? Pretty hard for anyone to anwser your question without seeing a schematic of the xover but why don't you just contact infinity.

I've owned vintage infinities, and have friends, and we got the info we needed to restore our speakers from them. They will try and sell you replacement woofers of their own making but I'm not a fan of their poly cone woofers.

There are also a couple of sites devoted to vintage speakers including Infinity. just google for them.

I will say the old infinities I've owned had 8 ohm woofers wired out of phase with the mid.

Tedg85 30th May 2007 06:37 AM

Yeah, there the 3-ways

Ill give infinity a call tomorrow, there web site wasnt much help unless I wanted new drivers, thanks for the help;)

Tedg85 30th May 2007 06:37 AM

Found this too:

Crossover and tech specs

Tedg85 30th May 2007 03:16 PM

That link didnt work, lets try this

oszkar 17th October 2015 07:52 PM

This post is old but will still bring my problem to it!
1st to answer what is posted here: The woofers are 8in IMG Type drivers
2nd the mids are polyspheryte and a replacement made out of synthetic long lasting materials were brought to the audience by Infinity

Now my problem is:

- My Emit K Tweeter suffered crack aloong it's ribbon due to old age and a replacement costs for the crossovers step-up frequency 4300hz, allot about 163€ one piece of Visaton and further on and afterwards you have to deal with the replacement shape and size!
- Now I am willing to put in a pair of Monacor RBT-95 since they are about 100€ plus shiping a pair but problem is they like xo's only from 5000hz up so that leads to the next problems, they baing:

- Say I will get an add-on TW that being attenuator and some more xo components caps. and what more needed, how hard will the unlikliness factor for the missing 700hz because of the xo#s adaptation be and i mean here how big the difference between mids and highs be and
- How up in frequency does the mids go

I will come further on this thread to help those with the RS-5001 speakers and post updates on my progress

Thank you!

system7 18th October 2015 08:40 AM

I wonder if it's worth spending a lot of money on replacements here. I'd fit these 92mm units: HT-22/8

The RBT 95 units are ideally for 5kHz second order crossover, but I expect you will get away with the 4kHz third order here. RBT-95
You'll need to attenuate that unit. It's 98dB.

I thought this model was an odd crossover, all the values seemed wrong for 8 ohms, polarity seemed wrong to. I got ++-, and impedance was terrible, below 3 ohms at one point.
Infinity Reference X001 E Serie

You might notice the Infinity RS 4001 is a dome tweeter version of your speaker. Almost any 91dB tweeter will be close. Different second order 4R and 3uF/0.3mH filter.

oszkar 18th October 2015 12:09 PM

I had a positive experience with Monacor 60/8 4'' midrange 12€/pcs. And they would do for the 600hz step-up of the xo, or would the Visaton do as well? It takes from 1600hz up the tollerance or since I do not know how to read crossovers they would work aswell in these units? If yes tha they would do 1st replacement very good and 2nd replacement for a little more aid due to more movement posibility of the cone the Monacor.

oszkar 18th October 2015 12:14 PM

I have a question here:

- For the mid not to desintegrate what should i brush it with as a compound to hold it togheder some more just in case... Mine holds another 5 - 8yrs max.
- Brush with thinned paint - it would harden too much the whole cap of it
- Spray it with liquid patex (the one that comes in spray cans for applying wood veneer to your speakers)?

system7 18th October 2015 10:51 PM

I think changing the mid driver is too much of an ask, but don't let me stop you modelling it:

These visaton projects can just be placed in the projekte folder of Boxsim, and you are up and running in minutes!

Visaton Boxsim

Once you get the idea, you can use any similar drivers (similar Le is important) and fiddle around with resistors to get level right.

I have no idea what you might paint onto a soft dome to make it last longer. :D

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