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John L 30th October 2001 03:55 AM

Yoda, Have you thought of this. Why not use the MTM configuration facing to the front, and using the second Tweeter facing outward so as to radiate against the wall. I would think that this would give greater depth and presence. I have just purchased several Bose cone tweeters from E-Bay that are 4 ohm each. They have a threaded screw hole in the back and with attachments, can be turned to face the desired direction. This is one of the things that helped make Mr. Bose famous. This way things could be easier to do with a crossover than trying three woofers, since you will run into the Parallel/Series problem. If you have a good crossover program, like X-Over by Harris Tech, plugging in the necessary values will make it relatively easy to plan. What do you think? John L

Super 30th October 2001 08:11 PM

John: I dont think this would be a problem. In fact, many companies, including Wilson Audio, already use additional tweeters mounted on the top and back of the cabinets, which they refer to as "ambience tweeters"

Yoda 30th October 2001 11:25 PM

Bose corperation absolutly, positively does not blow in any way, shape, or form; and this thread should definitly not debate the blowingness of Bose corperation.

[Edited by Yoda on 10-30-2001 at 09:53 PM]

John L 31st October 2001 01:05 AM

Maturity ?
Yoda, your artful choice of words clearly displays your extensive degree of maturity. I have nothing else to say.

f4ier 31st October 2001 01:40 AM

BOSE used to make 2 or 3 good speaker models. Sadly, the company's efforts have shifted to maximum profits without any R&D :mad: Its Professional Audio division has gathered more attention from the company's engineering department in recent years... and the Consumer Audio department is now, it would seem, run by the marketing department. This has given BOSE's classic and only good speaker models the burden of carrying the company's name -- every consumer now dismisses everything that has to do with BOSE; you'd hear remarks such as the one given by Yoda.

John L 31st October 2001 02:18 AM

I guess that I will have to say something else. My use of the word Bose has nothing to do with the subject that Yoda origionally brought up. It was how to use a WTWTW system. I am not even a Bose fan, but I am aware of the fact that for many years the older models used tweeters that could be turned into the walls for greater depth. The problem that I am finding out about these forums is that many forget that the threads are based on a subject that needs discussing. If the subject is to change, such as whether or not Bose Blows, shouldn't that start a new thread? Maby I duth protest too much. Who knows. The only point is, that I personally don't care about Bose, but I do care about the artful use of multiple tweeters and how to apply them in a multi-driver system. Now, I've said enough! John L.

Yoda 31st October 2001 02:50 AM

I myself listen to a BOSE 4.1 speaker everyday, it is in my bedroom system. In fact I listen to them because they do have unusually wide high frequency dispersion, a characteristic not found in most other types of speakers that is quite desireable for some. My little comment was referring to the fact that although I listen to them everyday, musically speaking they pale in comparison with my other set of speakers, a ribbon tweeter/6.5" woofer bookshelf monitor type. I never inteded to debate the quality of BOSE speakers, it was just an aside comment. I must say I've never heard of a DIY'er using BOSE tweeters, so best of luck to you!

Super 31st October 2001 02:57 AM

I've never heard of a cone tweeter being used for modern day hifi. They were replaced by dome tweeters years ago, and for several good reasons, I might add.

Just out of curiosity, how many of these tweeters do you have? If you have several, I'd be curious to know how they might work in a line array speaker, with their already wide-dispersion characteristics.

Yoda 31st October 2001 02:59 AM

As for the multiple tweeters thing, how many do you plan to use in each channel? Also, do we really want to create more room reflections? I have spent a great deal of time trying to minimize room reflections by using planar tweeters and open-backed woofers before, so the idea of purposefully creating room interactions seems a bit risky to me. You might have to treat the room more, especially where the tweeters hit directly, maybe removing obstructions between the tweeter and the wall might help. Maybe a vertical line source with its more vertical directionality will suit you better, or maybe not. It really depends on how many tweeters you are using.

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