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larksp 23rd April 2007 11:23 AM

speaker building (beginner)
i will try make as much sense as possible and being clear...

i enjoy making for the fun of it. but as a beginner i find it hard to get the box going. not really into the hole kit thing as the drivers i want to use never seem to be in them or harder to get being in the UK or don't seem to look nice to me.

if there is a program that could do something like this
enter info of driver/ drivers "one of the programs i did try and use had no option for tweeter details do they not need them in a box to tuned it then?

then pick what type of port. to what ever fs
2 way or 3 system
If it makes difference of the speakers will be. some have them off line or tweeter in the middle.
Where to have the port / my self likes the port at the front.
Then it will give a simple drawing of how the bits of wood goes together,
each size of wood and what thickness e.g 18mm mdf or 12.
Dampening the box. e.g where. how much, maybe just on the walls or filling with lambs wall or what ever.

crossover is less of a problem as i will be asking the place i order my drivers from if they can do it they said they would just let them know what drivers and so on would even help with the box but im sure thats more money spent.

some drivers have different shape other than round so any tips on how to gut them out. i would use a jig. as it is nice and easy

also just a little extra bit
i have a B&W cc6s2 center speaker in my system
i also have a spare crossover and can by the drivers cheap about 25. already have tweeter but i want to make the box rather than by the b&w one.
for fun and will be good practice.

i would love some help on this if possible
port at the front is main thing
sorry its alot of reading any help would be good
i do not know to alot so no to details i might not understand thanks

bobhayes 23rd April 2007 03:09 PM

Hi larksp,


if there is a program that could do something like this

You will learn a great deal from reading this stuff, and the online programs are great.


one of the programs i did try and use had no option for tweeter details do they not need them in a box to tuned it then?
The box volume and port dimensions are designed to manipulate the bass response. There are many other factors to be considered, such as dimensioning the box to avoid accentuating certain frequencies, lining the box with wadding, of filling it completely with wadding, where to place the drivers and port on the cabinet front, and the crossover, etc, etc.

It is no easy task for a beginner to design and build a good speaker, but there are lots of sources of information on the internet to help you along the way.
Don't do anything until you have read and basic understanding what 'thiele/ small parameters' are. These technical figures are crutial to designing your box.

I don't think you'll find a program to make all the decisions for you, or make you a cutting list, but once you know where you're heading with your project, you'll get help by posting here.

Don't forget the search feature... If the question has been asked before, the answer might be here already.


some drivers have different shape other than round so any tips on how to gut them out. i would use a jig. as it is nice and easy
Most oval speakers (which are mostly car speakers) come with a template or pattern for the cutout. A scroll saw/ jig saw is useful here, although you can chain drill them out, then file the remainder, but it's a lot more work.


port at the front is main thing
That will be fine.

If you really want to understand speaker design, I would really recommend a book called "The loudspeaker design cookbook" by Vance Dickason. It is a great source of information for reference, which you will always be able to find, unlike the internet!


larksp 23rd April 2007 05:48 PM

thanks i will have a look at the program.. i understand a bit about the hole speakers and tuning the box goto to be right.

the programs i used. only does mid/bass
no others like tweeter. would have to then re-adjust to add the tweeter in.
"programs" come out with.... say speaker vented and is (so long)
with a volume of 11cf.....some have also listed the outer size.

what i would be after is
*pick 2-3way
*type in the drivers details
*adds a tweeter into the box
3 way then the tweeter and sub and mid/s
*pick vent or sealed and where it would be placed front or back
*shape of box/ bookshelf, floor standing....
*then draws it nothing fancy "with the speakers" just ruff guide and how each bit would goes with a list of the wood needed.
*option for wood thickness

the first thing i want to build is 2 bookshelf speakers,front ported.
driver and tweeter....
kits dont seem right now to use drivers i want but i like the hole joy of making my self with help is ok though :)

thinking about the peerless HDS Exclusive and any tweeter that would go well with it. i do like a bit of bass and be ported
thats the sort of thing im looking 2 do
if i was good enough i do just enjoy designing like the boxes witch i could then make and use if i wanted
just for fun

larksp 23rd April 2007 06:03 PM

2 Attachment(s)
the picture what i come out with.

but then no tweeter in there and i then would have to work out the size and adding brace in there

think the fs might be a bit higher than i like unsure i have a sub so it might not be to bad

bobhayes 24th April 2007 01:14 AM

Going by the results you have there, I would say you have entered some information incorrectly, when 'choosing driver'.

The port is huge, the box is small, and the results are generally wrong.

What particular driver are you planning to use. Can you give me the Fs or Fo, Qts, or Qes and Qms, and the Vas and DC resistance? Xmax would also be nice.

If not, we are banging our heads on a wall.

Sometimes you can get a good idea of what type of enclosure is likely to work best by the size and material of the magnet, the cone material, the softness and material of the surround etc. but without specific parameters, it will be harder to get the system (driver in box) to behave as you wish.

I don't want to discourage you from your project, but you will also need a fair understanding of maths. You will need to know how to calculate the box dimensions for a given required volume, and be able to work out the panel sizes for the enclosure. It's not too hard if you draw a picture of a box.

larksp 24th April 2007 01:39 AM

i bet i have miss read what format the information is in like i entered cm not mm or what ever

there is the driver

says at the bottem of it as well what the recommend

Vented box of 7 liters (0.25cf); 1.5" port by 4.4" long; F3 65Hz

what do i do after that for the adding a tweeter and not the site i will order from but it has more information on the driver
and will this give much bass at all? with the hz it out puts seems high

looks like i entered in the ds wrong
it in sq m
and i entered in the cm2

larksp 24th April 2007 02:24 AM

now the results come out better

vb 10 l
fb 58.2549
f3 55.8195
dv 131.064 mm they said about a 1.5 is that right?
lv 1093.84 mm

unsure what these do
par 3.47675
per 173.837
rg 1.01442

says what they are on the site :)
dunno if there good or not though

tinitus 24th April 2007 02:41 AM

Sorry to say, but it sounds very much like you will get into trouble with this

And to me it sounds like you are not satisfied with available kits quality

I will recommend that you build something like this nice little speaker - its hard to find better driver quality

Or maybe you like this one better

larksp 24th April 2007 03:06 AM

why is it bad choice dont need to go into to much details just wondered so to stay away from harder ones

the one you linked.. seems a bit of a small speaker is that about 5inch speaker? plus im not sure if i like the looks of it (tents to be what i go on) long as there ok and price is right.. also like front port looks rear i think
maybe it is just the box they put it in
do not mean to sound ungrateful they do seem good and the site is very good :)

my system atm is hd tv
b&w cc6 center
4* 3 way speakers bit cheapy things
10inch sub

plus the last comment 7th may just scary as thats my bday :P

now these is where i got the idea in the first place for those drivers

2 me those are very nice to look at would like round drivers easier to cut

tinitus 24th April 2007 03:15 AM

Its a nice floor speaker - I just thought you asked fore book shelff speakers

It will be a good choise to build that design

To leave the xo design to a compagny, and have it custom build to drivers by your own choise, that will never work, sorry

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