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CharlieLaub 17th December 2012 07:17 PM

BUG REPORT: errors pasting into advanced biquads using a Macintosh
I'm reporting a bug that was reported to me by a user of my Active Crossover Design tools. In the ACD tools, the advanced biquads are generated from a set of one or more filters that comprise the crossover network. The user copies a range of cells that contain the biquad coefficients from the spreadsheet and pastes them into the GUI to implement the crossover filters.

When working with a PC, this works correctly and the data pastes as expected. When using a Macintosh, no new line characters paste into the GUI and all the text runs together. The GUI does not accept the resulting input when you try to "process" it.

This problem is likely due to the difference between the ASCII characters used by Macintoshs and PCs to indicate that a new line is occurring in text. On PC machines, a new line is indicated by "CR+LF" that is carriage return (ASCII character 13, HEX 0D) followed by line feed (ASCII character 10, HEX 0A). On Macintosh and I believe Unix/Linux O/Ses a new line is indicated only by the CR (carriage return) character.

All of this was diagnosed by looking at the clipboard data on a Macintosh and a PC using a HEX editor.

You might want to implement a fix for this bug so that users on machines other than PCs can successfully paste multiple lines to your GUI from the operating system clipboard. One possible fix might be to ignore ACSII character 10 and key the new line in your GUI off of the carriage return only (ASCII character 13) since that is common to both operating systems.


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