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neutron7 25th June 2012 01:19 PM

Bought a 2x8, can I just buy the new rack mount case for it?
I just got an email from miniDSP showing a rack mount version of the 4x10, I was wondering if I can just buy the hardware if I already bought the 2x8 and accessory boards?

minidsp 26th June 2012 07:04 AM


Yes you can indeed purchase the rack mount case separately. Here is the link in the webstore. Accessories | miniDSP

Hoping this info helps


neutron7 26th June 2012 04:00 PM

Thanks, That's great, I just bought it!
The price is very fair as well.

neutron7 7th July 2012 01:13 AM

Just thought i would follow up. I received the case. I bought it when noted on above post, June 26 and recieved it today in canada 11000 KM away!

it is quite nice, it has a thin brushed aluminum veneer on the front and a miniDSP logo, it is subdued, but looks like a "real" product.
also only 2 screws need to be removed to open the top, which is very nice!

comes with all the screws you need, power extension wire/socket and everything fits together very well. (and a knob) it is a bit fiddly getting the "push" tab on the XLR on the digital i/o board through the hole but it will go with a bit of contortions.

There was no button cap for the preset button (maybe on purpose, someone could do damage switching it by mistake if a preset was not set up and sent full range to the wrong driver!)

There was an extra mainboard standoff on mine with tape over it to insulate it from the board, if the tape, and conformal coating on the board wore through it might cause a short (very unlikely unless it was moved a lot). I cut it off with a dremel anyways.

if you dont want to use it as a rack mount, and take the ears off, the case does not have any rubber feet, so you will have to find something. (not a big deal at all, but they could have put "feet hole" threads there)

all in all very satisfactory box, for the price it saved me a ton of time and design work.

thanks guys!

minidsp 9th July 2012 02:45 AM

@ Neutron7,

Thanks for the feedback and review of your experience! :-)
Here is some feedback and comments from our side.

- The DIGI-FP XLR connector indeed needs a bit of fiddling to get there. You have to get the right angle..

- No button cap for the preset button: Not sure what you mean here but indeed with the front panel controller, you have access to all preset. Easier might be that you copy a configuration from one preset and just load it to the next preset. ("File + Save current configuration" -> Toggle to next empty Preset -> " File + Load to current configuration". Repeat that for all 3 empty slots and you'll be set.

- Feets for enclosure: We send some plastic feets with all our orders. Did you not receive them? Please check the inside of the enclosure and let us know if you want us to ship some to you. We didn't go for the drill hole to limit the chances of having some dust in the box but we could indeed think about this suggestion in the future.

- Extra standoff: You're indeed correct that this standoff is not used for most version. Basically, rev 1.0 (first few boards shipping out there) had a different standoff position so we placed it here in the design to make sure end users with that revision would still be able to enjoy the enclosure...

Thanks again for your feedback, it's always valuable for us to hear back from our clients on the setup.


neutron7 9th July 2012 05:49 PM

I didn't get any feet, but don't worry about it, I have some i can use.

by button cap i meant the little preset button does not have a "cap" which protrudes through the front panel, so i have to stick something in the hole to press the button.
I will find something for that.

minidsp 19th July 2012 03:10 AM

@ Neutron7,

Thanks for the feedback and sorry it indeed didn't include some plastic feets..

I'm still not sure what you mean by "little preset button" though... :-)

On the front panel, there are 3 x Things:
- Knob connected to the rotary encoder of the VOL-FP board. This knob is a Rotary encoder (turn) and switch (push) together. You turn and push to go through the menus of the interface. You can see the interaction by looking at the diagram here:
The user manual (see p7) is more explicit about it. It's been newly released so apologies for the delay...
Basically, you turn to control the volume by default. Push once and you get into the "Digital Source selection mode". LED blinks to let you know. Push again and you get into the "Preset configuration mode". LED blinks to let you know. Just turn the knob to get into the mode. Push again to confirm and you're back to default mode (volume).

- LEDS for source and preset. These are LEDs are just here for feedback of active source and active presets. i.e. no action.
- IR receiver: This element doesn't have anything interaction apart from some light.. :-)

The only little button that "could be" what you're talking about is the "reset" button. This button is at the rear panel though and indeed you would need a little needle to stick something in it. That's here to basically "reset" the unit for loading a new firmware but it won't change preset.

Please feel free to let us know if you need further clarifications.

Have fun,


neutron7 19th July 2012 10:39 AM

Yes, on closer inspection I saw what I thought was a button was the IR reciever.

minidsp 20th July 2012 01:20 AM

Ok, that makes sense now... Don't try to push that one though.. ;-)


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