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sannax 13th May 2012 03:47 PM

Minidsp with high efficiency speakers; noise?
I have searched the internet for a while, following some of the discussions around minidsp and the product itself seems to be a nobrainer for the Diy community. After what I have been reading though, there are some people experience audible noise from their systems when minidsp is in the chain.

The question is: Are there anyone out there that has some experience with speakers of 100db+ efficiency, that does not produce any noise?

I see that the new 10x10 is now released. Gongrats Devteam :) What about noise and this unit. Would it be better of than the older 2x4?


smf 21st May 2012 11:58 AM

Hi - I am at about 100dB and don't have noise problems with my miniDSP (except when I forget to turn on/off the miniDSP in the right order with my amps which can produce a nasty thump through the woofers normally blowing fuses in one of my amps).


Leeuwarden 8th June 2012 03:10 PM

I have a balanced MiniDSP and I can tell you that it produces noise with low sensitivity speakers also. There is also a big turn on/off thump. I did manage to solve the turn on/off thump but I have no idea how to solve the noise. I guess there is something wrong in the MiniDSP design...

smf 12th June 2012 03:00 PM

Sorry, just to be clear: I have no problems with noise. Turn on and off thump is me forgetting the right order in which to turn things on and off. I have the same issue if I turn my phono stage off first. There's no problem with my Minidsp - I'm delighted with it and will likely move up to the 4x10 board but only because that gives me more flexibility for my next speaker build.

beeah 13th June 2012 02:30 PM

I am running Radian 475pb (111dB) on Altec 511B atop Eminence Omega Pro-15A (97dB), crossed at 1200Hz. I hear the slightest hiss through the horns with no music playing; however, the Radians are being driven by 45 SET (DC filaments, but still...), so my guess is that the source of my (barely noticeable) noise is the amp and not the DSP.

As far as avoiding the power on/off thump, powering things up in the right order is the key - i.e. turn your amps off before the MiniDSP. That said, my MiniDSP is always powered on, so I don't have that issue.

Leeuwarden 13th June 2012 02:38 PM

Powering up in the right order is female-kid-user unfriendly :crazy:

My Balanced MiniDSP makes noise. I have read about others who have also noise. The noise is low but still there is noise. I would really hear from MiniDSP about this.

Just to be sure: I'm talking about the balanced version.

beeah 13th June 2012 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by Leeuwarden (
Powering up in the right order is female-kid-user unfriendly

No one else dares touch my system, so no worries there. :cool:

Originally Posted by Leeuwarden (
Just to be sure: I'm talking about the balanced version.

And I have the single-ended version, FWIW.

Leeuwarden 13th June 2012 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by beeah (
No one else dares touch my system, so no worries there. :cool:
And I have the single-ended version, FWIW.

I used to have the single ended version and had no problems (other than the turn on/off thump). I guess it could be the balanced version only...

minidsp 14th June 2012 08:14 AM

@ Leeuwarden,

One thing to remember is that the miniDSP balanced is twice the amount of output than the miniDSP unbalanced so you'd have to pay attention at your gain structure vs a miniDSP unbalanced. With this said, we're not aware of issues with the design..

Quick question: How is your amp/DSP setup when it comes to volume control for the outputs? (e.g. is attenuation done at the amplifier,i.e. using the volume control) or at the DSP using the digital attenuation).


slr 5000 14th June 2012 08:22 AM

hi all
i have the mini dsp balanced and it does have a hiss problem when used with sensitive speakers

there is also not enough gain for normal amplifiers if you like your music at a decent level (i use an aleph 2 and with the input gain set up just before clipping i can still listen with the volume pot turned to full)

aside from the above its very easy to use and works great , i use it for the bass/subs in my system with a linkwitz transform circuit and its very very good here

cheers sheafer

forgot to add i,m using the pot supplied by mini dsp for volume control

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